A(sia)FK: I Truly Am AFK

July 29…I probably have already landed in Beijing by then.  I don’t really know the details of it all at the moment.  I must tell you though, I am sure I’ll be tired as hell.  I pulled an all-nighter prior to the flight, which was at 6am.

For the meantime, A(sia)FK will be my series of afk posts, consisting mostly of random musings that mean little, or were lying around in my head, and I was too lazy to flesh out into an entire post.

OH!  And a milestone!  1,000 comments coming up REAL soon.  How soon?  You’ll just have to leave comments.  I’m sure if you show me how much you miss me (HA!), you could potentially be a winner.

Winner of what?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll write some neat little story based on one of your mains.  Yeah.  That’s a good one.  When I get back, I’ll announce the winner, and I’ll email him or her with the details that I will need to flesh out the character.  I won’t write a backstory or anything, but I will definitely write a vignette of sorts.

So yeah.  Get cracking.  In the meantime, allow me some shut-eye so I can adjust to the local timezone.


7 thoughts on “A(sia)FK: I Truly Am AFK

    • I’ve been mentioning it here and there leading up to my trip. So far I have been taking everything in. thanks!

  1. I have been reading Frostisthenewblack for months now, and it has been a great way to connect with the Mage community. It would be great to have a vignette on Marvisa. I hope to win!

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