Random Musings

I called Blizzard Customer Service, and explained my situation.  It was handled professionally and curteously, and I rate their telephone hotline as top-notch.  And it definitely helped that the BGM for most of their games were playing during the waiting period instead of the generic elevator music that you get in most hotlines.  After all was said and done, I get to keep my account, AND I am able to redeem 19 days of account time due to vacation.  Rag on about the whole B-list dev team and doom and gloom as you’d like, I’m still glad that the quality of the product is still good, and well-rounded as well.

Auction House Madness

Speaking of making products, I’ve started up Wimzig’s glyph business again.  Just yesterday, I posted over 500 glyphs (single-stacked) on the AH with prices ranging from 15g to 45g.  All from milling herbs bought at the AH at 9-15g per stack.  That’s some good profits.  Just call me the Gneedy Gnome!


Tonight’s posting will be the last until I head out to Asia.  Gotta do something in the meantime, now that the whole account thing has been sorted out, right?  Might as well profit from it!

Raimi?  Why Raimi?

To be blunt, I didn’t like the Spiderman series that much.  The first one was alright.  The second had Dr. Octopus as its lone redeeming feature.  The third has been repressed from my memory forever.  Warcraft seems to be a franchise out of this director’s genre.  I would rather see a Peter Jackson do it, even if it meant Warcraft becoming a LotR clone.  But isn’t that what we’re all asking for in the end?  Heck, I would chuckle at the prospect of Joss Whedon making a Dr. Horrible-esque WoW musical.  That’d be pretty epic, if you ask me.

If that were the case, all I ask for is simply to cast Felicia Day as Jaina Proudmoore.  My in-game crush played by my movie star crush?  Oh dear god yes please!

Worgens and Goblins and other Crap

It won’t happen.  Get over it.  See ya Friday!


8 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. I’ve always had perfectly decent service from Blizzard over the phone, not that I’ve had many occasions to call them to be honest. Unlike you, having to ‘fess up to your sins. Sounds like they handled it really well though.

    Felicia Day and Jaina Proudmoore? Yep, the uninspiring played by the unispiring. I’d go with that =P Now, about Kael’thas…

    Happy holidays!

  2. Raimi – Probably because he expressed an interest in it.

    Why not Jackson – Probably because he doesn’t want to do a LotR clone.

    Joss Whedon – Although I probably couldn’t handle a WoW musical, considering how well he did with Firefly/Serenity, I think it would be a very viable choice.

    Felicia Day – I think she’s too dorky to be Jaina and it would be better played by someone with a more classical grace. Who that would be, I’m not sure… Anne Hathaway? (Too young?) I dunno…

    • I suggested Felicia Day only for the Whedonesque Dr. Horrible-ized version of the Warcraft movie. As much as I love her dorkiness, she definitely wouldn’t fit with a more serious Jaina.

      Hathaway is a good fit. Liv Tyler could fit the bill as well.

  3. Your assignment, go watch Army Of Darkness. Sam Raimi is a great director, and I think Blizz will be watching to make sure the movie stays true to its roots. Peter Jackson was a one trick pony (LOTR was good, donkey kong. . .er. . king kong was horrible). Dark Man was another good Sam Raimi movie (Bruce Campbell’s scene was cut. Sam Raimi always puts his brother Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell in every one of his movies).

    If Blizz is going to add new races, I would like to see neutral races that could be horde OR alliance.

    Enjoy your trip to Asia, I am somewhat jealous. Back in my active Judo days, I wanted to go to tokyo and see the Kodokan. I doubt that will ever happen, but I’m sure you’ll have a great experience.

  4. Ah yes, whatever you say about Blizzard, you gotta admit, they don’t screw around with their valued customers. One of my favourite things about the company. Along with the fact that they don’t consider us all just fat littke cash cows, and actually take arour opinions and QQ’s (WoW Forums anyone?) into consideration.

    And yet more proof that I really should become an inscriptionist. It seems like a real money maker.

    • It really depends on the server. Things you should compare are the price of materials, and the price of the products. On Winterhoof, Tiger Lily is ridiculously cheap, going for 5-15g per stack. Assuming the minimum mill result of 2 pigments, you can get 8 pigs from a stack, or 4 inks. Ignoring the negligible price of parchment, I could make 4 glyphs for 15g. To break even, I would have to sell my glyphs for 3g 75s. Since the hot glyphs on my server can go as high as 40g, I can make 10x profit if I get lucky. The average I aim for is 4x though.

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