Milking the RAF Cow

With this upcoming trip, which I cannot stop raving about at work (much to the dismay of my colleagues), I have to take into consideration the expiring duration of the benefits of Recruit-a-Friend.  In preparation for the trip, I have absolutely stopped raiding for the time being (not that I actually have been raiding recently anyways, due to vent issues) in lieu of more flexible in-game activities, such as dual-boxing and whoring out my glyphs to the AH for mad cash.

Gotta RAF ’em All!

Fink, Arcane Mage, US Wyrmrest Accord (RP)

Gnomish Arcane Mage at the moment, although I may have respecced her into a Blizzard AoE spec in preparation for an upcoming definitive AoE guide that I may work on in the future when these post ideas dry up.  I got to say that levelling as arcane in the lower levels are more bearable than people think.

Even without arcane barrage and arcane blast, I can do well with a simple of rotation of Frostbolt>Arcane Missiles>Frost Nova or Fire Blast depending on the mob’s health.  With Torment the Weak, Arcane Missiles hit hard after the frostbolt, and mobs my level usually end up dead or very close to it.  I really suggest you try it out!

And yes, I do RP with this character from time to time.  I originally RP’ed her as a young child curious about the world and gifted in the arcane arts for her age.  However, I grew bored of her develloping naivety and tried something else.  For starters, I gave her a full name, Fink Fourchannel, to compliment her green hair done 3 pigtails.  Having read Yotsuba!&, I decided to RP her as a curious, hyperactive type, much like Yotsuba in the manga.

Eon Squad, US Winterhoof (PvE)

I was able to level Glaceon all the way to the RAF bonus cap of 60.  She is already level 64, and healing her way through Outland dungeons.  I freaking love chain heal, there isn’t much else to say about that.  Given my current infatuation with Wild Growth, I’m noticing a trend in my taste for quirky AOE heals.  I love healing with the shammy so much, I ended up giving her dual-spec, bringing the total number to 4 characters.

Levelling up alongside Glaceon, Umbreon got the bulk of the granted levels and currently sits at level 54, but in level 30 gear.  Too lazy to upgrade, we’ll see how this goes.

Instead of going with a PallyMage combo for the secon RAF run, I decided to go with dual-hunters.  Leafeon is the hunter on my account, and I made another hunter on the friend’s account named Johnmadden.  I don’t know what came over me, but I stuck with the name.  The coolest part about it is that in trade, the most popular memes on my server are “anal [linked item/spell/ability],” chuck norris jokes, and fake rumors about John Madden dying.  Whenever someone in chat says “OMG I just heard on ESPN that John Madden died!,” I simply respond with my friend’s alt, “No I didn’t, you fool!”  Lulz would be had afterwards.

Even for more jokes, I even made a macro for him whenever there’s a lively crowd in Ironforge.

/cast feign death
/e dies.

Awesome.  Rumors often end up in truth anyways.  The hunters are currently level 43, and are both Marksman spec.

Espeon, the paladin, is getting the granted levels, in an attempt to get as many healing classes to 60.  Other than Frost dps from my mage and Death Knight, I have accepted the fact that I am a healer at heart.  This stems from my history with healing classes in video games.

In RPGs, I always give the best gear to the healer in my party (one could imagine my investment into Aeris in FF7, only to have her die).  In Team Fortress 2, I have a ridiculous attachment to the Medic Class, and most of my playtime in that game is spent using the Medic.  In Conquer Online, the free mmorpg that I played prior to WoW, I played a Water Taoist, the defensive healing/buff magic class.  It makes sense that I would like healing.

Despite that, I still don’t look to any sources for information related to healing, which resulted in a very quirky playstyle.  Even before the Lifebloom nerf, I never rolled it, since I was more Rejuv/Regrowth focused.  Heck, I don’t even use Clique or Healbot!  I’m a “purist” in almost every sense, and it’s one of the reasons why I enjoy healing so much, and healing well.

6 days left.  I need to get those hunters to 60, and at this rate, it should be doable before I leave.  Wish me luck!


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