A Public Service Announcement

I play cookie cutter PvE specs and like to spend 3+ hours on a single night to raid.  I must be hardcore.

I play Frost.  I must be casual.

I’ve full-cleared Naxxramas, and am a Malygos and Oculus away from a Frozen Wastes title.  I must be hardcore.

In Ulduar, I’ve only killed Flame Leviathan.  I don’t bother to learn the fights; I can’t even name all of the bosses from the top of my head.  I must be casual.

I am able to pump out almost 5k dps with a frost mage in only naxx gear.  I must be hardcore.

I stopped signing up for my guild raids because of work constraints and an upcoming trip to Asia.  I only play one or two hours a night, if at all.  I must be casual.

I levelled 1-60 on recruit-a-friend by dual-boxing a shaman and warrior, oftentimes doing both healing and tanking roles in a pugged instance.  I must be hardcore.

I don’t really read anything on EJ or on people’s blogs on how to heal.  I just do with what feels comfortable while at the same time keeping people alive, just because it’s FUN.  I must be casual.

I have 3 level 80’s, and rapidly getting a 4th.  I must be hardcore.

I can’t bother to put a socket on Bashertin’s belt.  I must be casual.

Because I like to RP, I must be hardcore. 

I only like to RP in short spurts compared to joining an RP guild and take part in epic story arcs.  I must be casual.

Guess what, Azeroth.  I’m NIETHER.

I am just a gnome frost mage.  I just play the game.  And I freaking love it.


26 thoughts on “A Public Service Announcement

  1. Ok, next time I see you on your shammy, I’m going to have to see if Katia my DK can hang out with you for awhile. You play the game the same way I do. Well, other than the gnome and frost parts.;)

    • Do try to find me! I’m perpetually “LFG dps/heals” in hellfire. I only do quests while in a group that’s waiting for the 4th or 5th member. If I can’t find anyone, then I’ll log onto the second set of RAF alts, who are happily in the 17-18 range, just WAITING for a vc run :O

  2. Ohhhhhh? My level 16 priest is waiting for a VC run.

    My 27 mage finally threw out his VC quests. He got a runthrough *before* he had any of the quests, and never got back in there. doh

    • The priest, now 54, almost missed out on gnomeregan because of RAF. I had one quest that went completely grey, but the others were still safely green. But by that point, the exp gain was hardly worth the time spent looking for a run.

  3. I just wanna know what your spec is to pump out 5k dps as a frost mage, and what you’re stacking (crit or haste?) so I can try it too…I tried out a frost spec that I liked that went down the fire tree and uses FFB in it’s rotation, but maybe that’s a waste…?

    Also, we’re very similar people in our play styles. I wouldn’t consider myself super casual, but certainly not hard core. I play for fun. That’s it.

    • I stack haste like nobody’s business. I can go in the high 4k’s by proper timing of cooldowns, particularly Water Elemental BEFORE Heroism, and Double Icy Veins plus trinket plus T7 gem bonus DURING Heroism. I can only sustain that sort of damage for a reasonable amount of time, but any fight that lasts longer than 4 minutes will see that number go down to high 3k/low 4k. Hope that helps!

    • I have a blog because I love to write. I read blogs because I love a particular writer’s style. You won’t see reading matticus’ info-licious blogs, but I religiously visit Larísa and her tiny little inn. (That isn’t to say that matty has a bad writing style. There’s a e-zine appeal to his writing that definitely adds to the helpfulness of his site that I absolutely respect and applaud.)

      But I do certainly have characteristics that are associated with both sides of the spectrum, so I can see why you would come to that conclusion 🙂

  4. This post was hardcore!

    I agree with you. I do a lot of the same things, yet I would not consider myself hardcore or casual. I’m just someone that enjoys playing the game,and I don’t like to be a burden on other people when I do play.

    • There’s a quote that I read in a Teen Cosmo magazine once (don’t even ask me how that happened, I won’t even consider getting into the details!), and it read along the lines of, “If you spend too much time thinking about who you are, you will never be able to be who you are.”

      Ahhh, I should have put this in another post somewhere, but now it’s too late! This one is for you, ash!

  5. None of this was hardcore. Oculus away from a Frozen Wastes title..casual. Basically every “hardcore” bullet point was actually another point for casual.

    • I wasn’t trying to define hardcore and casual in this rant. I was merely speaking out against the varying degrees of opinion regarding these labels; everyone would be better off if they weren’t used in the first place.

  6. LOL I’ve often had the same thoughts myself, cept while I probably spend 20+ hours a week in game, I despise raiding and only sign up for our once a week raids so we have the numbers to do a full guild 10-man so I guess I’m way more towards the casual end of the spectrum. . .bored casual?

  7. Krizzly, I think I know my answer: It’s because I went Frost and then down into fire instead of down into arcane. Why? Because for some reason, “Ignite” looked really attractive and gave me a reason to do something other than Frostbolt spam, and whenever FoF procs I use a FFB on the second one with an ice lance and hopefully both crit. And then whever my free fireball procs, if it crits I can get some extra damage…

    Sadly, though, I don’t think my idea is working out for me so well. Maybe its just my gear, or maybe its because I don’t have the hit (recount showed a few misses) but I guess I’ll have to suck it up and go into arcane 😦 I hate cookiecutter specs.

    • You’re better off with Frostbolt spam for maximum damage. It’s more fun that way 😀

      And don’t look at cookie-cutter specs as a bad thing, whether it be due to lack of freedom of expression or something along those lines. Research the spec, find out which talents make it tick, and which ones are more utility. You can make judgment calls based on your playstyle and make small tradeoffs that won’t hurt your DPS too much.

      I for one cannot live without Arcane Absorption in my TTW spec that I always put my clearcasting points into it first, and letting that talent stay at 3/5. Little things like that.

  8. As soon as I read this I got the Hannah Montan theme song stuck in my head…

    *It’s beest of both worlds*

    God, this is what I get for living in the same house as an 11yr old girl…

    • Odd, I have two cousins who are around that age, and they don’t like Hanna Montana at all! Don’t get me started on the Jonas Brothers though, or High School Musical =/

  9. This made me think of myself. I logged onto my mage, Mae, tonight and realized half her action bar is empty. Poor girl is still unspec’d from the last patch. She’ll be frost if I ever get around to it.

    • You better get to it! I can’t wait all day, y’know? Oh, and don’t spec raiding frost right away. Go the full 71. Freeze everything in your path. Laugh like a maniac at all the crits.

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