The Fantabulous Contraptions of Krizzy Krizzleswitch

AKA, How pumped I am for NaNoWriMo.

Also AKA, why I absolutely love gnomes.

Simply put, it all comes down to two words: steam and punk.  Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny the potential of an imaginative mind’s fantastic extrapolation of Victorian era technology into wondrous techno-worlds of automatons, weaponry, and flying machines that span the spectrum of form and function that rivals that of the living avians that they so eloquently mimic.

And whether such technology is depicted in the setting of the Victorian era itself, or in a fantasy world such as Azeroth, the mythos behind the “if we can think it, we can build it” is what draws intellectuals and aesthetics towards the genre from all different literary backgrounds.  In the world of warcraft, this ideology is represented by the eccentricity of the Gnomes and Goblins that populate their respective cities, whether it be the quaint district of Tinker Town, or the bustling yet understated mechano-tropolis of Undermine.

And as Elnia creatively puts it, the World of Warcraft is indeed an imagination vacation, with its viewtastic vistas, a literal splooge of scenery porn.  For me, the hub that causes said eyegasms would have to be Toshley’s Station, juxtopoxed against the setting sun over the geological jutts of the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

Gnomish love aside, if I want to write them well in my work-in-progress Gnomeregan project, I would have to do my research and find out what makes steampunk tick (clockpunk aside, no pun intended).

Thus, during my lunch break today, I headed to the Chapters down the street and picked up two awesome steampunk anthologies, Steampunk and Extraordinary Engines.  This, combined with the gnomish lore provided by the RPG books, will provide me with reference material with which to describe the world in which this race lived.

Gnomes are a lot more hit-or-miss with regards to audience appreciation than the genre that they are aesthetically associated with.  This is especially true for Horde supporters, and the Taurens that so characteristically want to punt them.  It is my aim, therefore, to evoke a sense of appreciation for this group through a hopefully gripping tale of perseverance through the loss of their proud techno-world.

Will I be successful?  Only time will tell.


10 thoughts on “The Fantabulous Contraptions of Krizzy Krizzleswitch

  1. I have to confess I was overcome with a strange enthusiasm that felt close to madness the other day and … and … oh God … I made a gnome! *breaks down weeping*.

    I’m so ashamed.

    But … he’s … so cute.

    And dashing.

    So dashing, in fact, I had no choice to but to make him a rogue. He looks *precisely* like Inigo Montoya … if, y’know, Inigo was 3ft tall and had lost all his hair.

    Ahem, anyway, there was a point to this comment, beyond the rambling.

    Steampunk. I, too, am drawn to steampunk. I love the idea of it. Except I’m becoming increased it doesn’t exist in fiction except as an aesthetic. I mean, it’s great for games because it provides insta-setting. But I can’t seem to find / uncover a seminal steampunk text. Can you recommend me one?

    • Extraordinary Engines was just released last year, so if you haven’t been caught up in the past while, you might want to check it out. In particular, I love Ian McCleod’s Steampunk Fantasy subject matter, and he also had a work published before EE called Song of Time.

    • Many thanks – it’s in my Amazon basket (as is Song of Time but I’ll see how I go with EE first – although I accidentally typed it in initially as Song of Tim, which is a brilliant book just waiting to happen – who is Tim, and why is he singing?).

      Put it this way, whatever I read after Arthas is bound to be a winner 🙂

    • Somehow, I imagined. that Song of Tim would be a showstopping ballad in an up and coming production of A Christmas Carol: The Musical.

  2. If they made a Profession in wow which could craft tech gear, and that gear had bots, gizmos, and battle gear, then it would be sweet… oh wait. Why in Hell can’t Engineers craft Battle Mech Armour? We’ev been killing this type of unit since level 12, but never figured out how to get one to wear.

    It would be a single game changing cool concept. The full crafted set of mech armour might cost a fortune, and need Mats out the wazoo, but who would not want to wear a set that makes you look like giant robot? I’ll buy two.

    • That gnomeregan caster dagger from the Argent Tourney looks badass, and I would grind those dailies just to be able to hold one. Gear for that matter, I suppose is a lot more scarce.

  3. Never thought about it before but my main is Tauren* and I loathe and detest gnomes. Perhaps it’s a personality thing?

    * TBH though it is difficult seeing around the shoulders sometimes.

    • I certainly don’t blame you for your tastes in WoW races. If I can convert at least one gnome-hating Tauren into at least a gnome-apologist, then I know that I’ve done a job well-done.

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