Footprints in the Snow

poohIn yesterday’s post, a commenter reminded me of Winnie the Pooh.  I instantly remembered a scene in that story where Pooh and Piglet get lost in the woods during the wintertime, and having circled around the same route for hours, they happened upon another set of footprints, which unknowingly were their own.

For the life of me, I can’t find my old books or VHS tapes of said scene, but somehow, that’s exactly how I feel with myself and this blog, which is now a year old.  Looking out the proverbial window, I’ve watched the seasons change, and once again I find myself in the same winter I was before, but this time, there are little footprints that I had previously left on this same journey, and I can’t help but marvel at them.

“2. I’m not looking to progress too deep into the endgame.”
/Hello, July 2008

This was left on my first ever post, introducing myself to the denizens of the internether.  I am amazed that for what it’s worth, I haven’t changed much in regards to my aims for the endgame.  I may a bit more devoted to my magecraft than before, but I am still quite easygoing when it comes to content.  The contrast in context is still fascinating, nonetheless.

“With that regard, I vow to do the same with the World of Warcraft. As the world around me changes, I will aim to find the my little niche in it. Likewise, as the World of Warcraft changes, particularly with the coming of Wrath, I will embrace the coming of something wonderful, and hopefully find my own role and voice in the online community to which I belong.”
Finding My Place in the World…of Warcraft, July 2008

After a year, I truly believe that I have found my niche here in the blogosphere.  Raid PvE/roleplay fiction/casual gaming blogger covering Frost Mages and Death Knights is something you just don’t see elsewhere.  And while some of those who preceded me have gone on to much more success and exposure, I’m more than happy to cater to my little audience who likes whatever it is that’s on my mind at the moment, even if at times it isn’t WoW related.

“I suppose the whole point that I’m trying to make is that I’m probably not going to become the thought-provoking type. I can’t even provoke my own thoughts for the matter.”
Something to Strive For, August 2008

Larisa at the PPPPPPI (provoking, peculiar, perfectly poignant pink pigtail inn) speaks of WoW envy.  And while I may have much to be jealous of in-game, I remain steadfast on my ridiculous amount of envy of her blog and her writing skills.  It has come a long way since I picked up on her blog when I started, and while I applaud her success, it’s her writing that I strive for, not her website statistics.  So this one’s for you, my pigtailed friend!

“Gosh, Night Elves can be so peculiar. One minute they’re begging you to help them fight the horde, and another, they’re raining down arrows of death on three enemies at once.”
Wimzig’s Whimsy: Warsong and Westfal, August 2008

Oh Wimzig, how I love your snarky attitude!  Had it not been that twist of fate that drove you to Death Knighthood, you would have made a fantastic mage in your own right!  It is thanks to you that I have found a voice for my other main characters as well, and that I have developed a fondness for backstory, and writing in general.  I wish you all the best in 3.2!

“[Leyola] hit 50 on the weekend, and picked up Tree of Life. It’s so amazing. I can see her listening to Marley while smoking her own leaves. I guess that would make her…a restofarian.”
Make Lemonade and Other Musings, September 2008

While the ranting of those like Ixobelle can leave people in side-splitting laughter that lasts for days (myself included), I take pride in my ridiculously cheesy humor, as exemplified by this unnecessary comment.  Ommitted from the quote was a “badump-psh!” snare roll, probably followed by cricket noises and tumbleweed.

“Have I used all my cooldowns and arguments to warrant any consideration for Frost as the raiding spec of choice?  Simply put, yes. I have said what I needed to say to garner some semblance of support for my frosty friends.  All I have to do now is cast Cold Snap and do it all over again.”
OH SNAP!, October 2008

My fondest blogging memory this is definitely the epic blogging battle of the mages between Larisa, Gnomer, and I.  With Wrath having been released since then, I can safely say that, despite which of the three specs is superior, mages are at a wonderful place right now in the game, and it’s never been a better time to have one as a main, or to roll one as an alt.

“Because I love the thrill of riding the threat wave with my Water Elemental by my side. I love the utility of being able to port and make tables and counterspelling and spellstealing. I love the survivability of Ice Block and Ice Barrier. And no amount of rolled lifeblooms or critted Frost Strikes could change that.”
Jack of All Trades Dilemma, December 2008

I believe that my relationship with WoW is like that of a real-life boyfriend/girlfriend couple.  In public, we get along and appear very compatible, but somehow I get the feeling that I don’t often express my feelings towards the other, in fear of making an awkward situation.  At the end of the day, I look back and remind myself of the experience, and can’t help but let the whole world know how I feel.  I certainly hope that this enthusiasm would rub off on aspiring mages and fledgeling wow-bloggers.

“One night, I’ll stumble into the Pig n’ Whistle, and a freakish mafia-like standoff would be in progress.  Between opposing death knight gangs.  Another night, the Pig will be empty, but there will be a DK having a seat at the central table.  I’ll walk in, try to strike up an encounter, and all of a sudden, I’m chatting with a half-elf emo vampire Death Knight who can read minds.  *facepalm*”
Sadness, Happiness, Rage, Laughter, February 2009

I’m particularly fond of the idea of roleplay, even though I don’t participate in it as much as I’d like.  Nonetheless, I simply love the notion of extrapolating the main WoW storyline as it fits into the lives of less heralded people, namely, our own toons.  And whether or not it involves the tropes mentioned above, I can always fall back on RP as a means of creativity whenever my writing dries up, or if some aspect of the game becomes boring or bothersome to me.  That’s what makes me love WoW so much, it is a very deep experience.

“I wanted this to be a blog about my favourite blogs, but many of my favourites are, have been, or will be discontinuing their posts.  As both a reader and a writer, it feels like something’s been stolen from me.  I take my inspiration from the lot of ya, but when there’s less posts to be read, then there’s less posts to be written about.  It saddens me, and I feel empty and alone.”
You Decide, March 2009

We all have our ups and downs, and the only way to survive those slumps is to take your lumps and slug through it, making yourself stronger in the process.  Looking back on this moment, I can only say that I’ve since found my inspiration to blog, as an extension of my overall passion for creative writing.

“If you wish to learn more about the world of warcraft (and by this I mean topics that extend beyond that of gear stats and boss strats), then look no further than the blogs make up this fine community.  It is a living, breathing entity, and for every big red kitty and tree that leaves, there’s a kitten and sproutling just waiting to take their place.  It’s a wonderful thing, and I am deeply honoured to be a part of it.”
The Four Noble Truths about WoW, May 2009

And full-circle, I end this scenic tour through the one-year history of my blog with what I believe to be my favourite piece that I’ve written thus far.  The concept of tying Buddhism to video games is one that seemed far fetched at first, but as I found the parallels, began to understand myself in the grand scheme of gaming and life in general.  Writing it was cathartic in a sense, and I have truly practiced what I preached, taking on a whole new zen approach to the game, thus renewing my passion for it as well as my passion for blogging about it.

Full Circle

I have no idea what the future brings.  I find myself fascinated at the mystery of it all.  But for just one shining moment today, I simply wish to look back and smile at what I’ve accomplished as a writer.  I’ve received laurels and criticisms, and for the most part, I’ve accepted them all openly and hope to become better as time goes on.

To all of you who have taken part in reading my blog, whether it was since the very beginning, or just stumbling upon it by searching “Tauren and Draenei pr0n” on google, I sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed your experience reading this blog as I have writing it.  I look forward to future experiences, and I anticipate the wild ride that is to come.

9 thoughts on “Footprints in the Snow

  1. /salute

    I was searching for “Tauren and Draenei pr0n” and this blog was No.1 on the list… hoping there’s some Gn0me p0rn tucked away somewhere too…

    1 excellent year Kriz.. my life has been enriched by “knowing” you and reading your thoughts on a near daily basis.

  2. Oh Kriz! Thank you for the kind words. You know, you really don’t have to worry about your writing skills. You have an abundance of it. You’re like a well, just flowing over with crativity. I spotted your talent early, remember? You keep showing it over and over again. Like in this beautifully put post, which probably is the best written anniversary/looking-back-post I’ve ever seen.

    I enjoyed our little war immensly too! Not much to fight about these days I’m afraid, since I’m all fire…

    But new opportunities for blog interaction and stimulating discussions will surely appear in the future. I’m looking forward to it.

    Cheers for you!

    • Aye, those were good memories. I’m glad to be recognized by you, and I strive to devellop a more polished style in the future! Thank you very much!

  3. May your ancestors be praised!

    Congratulations – you write a wonderful, witty, thought-provoking blog.

    Although … restofarian?! Gah! The pain!

    I hope you get dropped on by a jagular.

    • I’m proud of my restofarian heritage. There’s no denying it! And by a jagular? How cruel! Poor piglet was scared out of his mind! That tigger sure is a bastard, even though I love him to bits!

  4. Been reading since the beginning of the new year. As I started to take WoW slightly “more seriously”, I needed all the help I could get. I needed to learn how to properly spec frost, how to gear up my mage better, etc. (Even though I was unintentionally offended when I realized you played Alliance. 😉 )

    Grats on the anniversary and for finding your voice and place on the interweebz.


    • It’s my fascination with gnomes that is a hit-and-miss amongst horde afficiandos. I have no qualms at any offence they take. That said, I’m glad you’ve overcome your alliance prejudice to regularly read my blog, it is very much appreciated!

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