Quick Shots

I can has meme?

Against my better judgment, I clicked on Larísa’s link to Ixo’s post, which was mentioned by Gevlon, who was flamed out by Jong, who was linked by Elleiras, who begat Isaac, who begat Abraham, who begat Saul, who begat the rest of the old testament, thus begetting this awesome new blogger internet meme.  Seriously, I gigglesnort at the thought of actually trying to respond to this drama.  Save your drama for the game people!  That’s where the real trolls are at!

But seriously, can this be a meme?  Against my better judgment, I became convinced that this was in fact, a meme.

Alternate History Syndrome

Anyways, Leyola’s branching backstories are almost done.  I managed to sneak in a bunch of writing time during my lunch break, at the cost of actually having lunch.  Expect some neat little graphics to accompany it, requiring several thousand hours on microsoft paint.  Oh god I love that thing.

Bros before Moroes

Just wanted to share a story with you that I thought was quite inspiring from my perspective.  My friend started playing WoW just this year.  I got him linked to my account via recruit-a-friend, and he’s been having a blast levelling with me.

In fact, he’s having too much of a blast.  Due to his addictive personality, it’s been getting in the way of his academics, as he’s doing a masters in his field of study.  Instead of cleaning out petri dishes, he’s cleaning up animal hides with his constantly maxed out skinning skill.

However, he’s a good guy with great judgment (oh here goes that word again!).  This past monday, he told me to change the password to his account, so he will be unable to play until he’s done his project.  I give him so much cred, since he’s easily susceptible to that sort of thing, and because WoW is often a ridiculously addicting time-sink at times.

Sudden Announcement!

This is the summer when a lot of blogs start celebrating one-year anniversaries.  Mine is next week on the 14th, so expect something exciting (and probably rushed, as my posts always are) to commemorate that particular milestone.  I wish to say nothing further, since it will steal content from what can potentially become an actual post.

Secondly, the real announcement is that I will be away on vacation for most of August, and a bit of late July.  I leave for China/Japan/Thailand on the 28th, so I will be sure to repeatedly remind everyone to expect less posting to occur from that point onwards.  I forget the duration of the trip, so let’s assume that it’s for about 2-3 weeks.  Perhaps a gnomeageddon-inspired googled feature will do the trick.

I mean honestly, after getting the Xzibit Fanfiction hit the other day, it got one-upped with “arcade games with michael jackson.”  Seriously internet, what the fuck?  And no, I’m not going to make a flash game with MJ in it.  It’s just too soon.  Xzibit, however, is fair game.

See you around the internether!


11 thoughts on “Quick Shots

  1. Ha, so much yet so little in this post…

    Still, I am excited about your upcoming blogday… and also your trip, though this obviously means less black and more frost (or is that the other way around…)

    • Had I gone to say, Osaka, during the wintertime, I just may have seen more frost. But then again, I live in Canada, how can it get any frostier than that? ^_^

      But damn, Canada gets freaking hot in the Summer. Thank goodness I’m heading out for a bit (even though Thailand will be even HOTTER)

  2. No drama? come on! Just as the conversation is starting to get interesting…. Join the meme! (not entirely sure what it is about though tbh).

    Just so that you know that my pigtails have switched to a Gnomeaggedonish color when I heard about your upcoming journey. I’m seriously envious! Looking forward to read some reports from it.

    I bet the internet cafés are more frequent where you are than they were in India.

    • Indeed…maybe I can fit in one-word posts like zupa and get a billion responses from my fellow mages =D

  3. Yes, I half wrote a post on the drama/meme and then thought “what are you doing, you madman?!” and stopped before the insanity took me.

    Congratulations on your WoWblogging birthday, and have a great trip.

    • Well, at least you know what it is that I’m talking about. It’s all silly to me really. Post whatever the hell you like, it’s just a blog. I mean hey, this post itself took one eighth of the time and effort I put into other posts, but I get feedback eight times sooner. I’m just here for the community and to have a good read. My meaty posts are somewhat far in between, but I like it that way, it saves me time and really takes off the pressure.

  4. But the drama is fun! Provided that you don’t take it too seriously, of course. I don’t — but I expect that those who are directly involved in it rather than just commenting snarkily from the outside-looking-in might feel otherwise.

    Anyway, it sounds like a fun trip! I’ve been to Thailand a few times to visit family, but I’ve never gotten to tour it like a … well … tourist. Enjoy!

    • If one gets him/herself into drama situations, it is that person’s responsibility to clean up his/her own crap, much to the delight of the outside spectators (ie, me.)

      Against my better judgement, I will continue spectating this as well as others.

  5. Wow that’s some vacation you lucky bastage. Have fun. As for the drama, MMO land is filled with drama, from guild drama, to player drama, so why shouldn’t blogs be different. But I love the intro to this post. Begat LOL!

    • For sure drama is natural anywhere where people interact; I was merely saying that it’s more interesting in-game than it is outside of it =)

  6. You know how I ‘admitted’ to liking attention a few posts back? Well, I don’t like drama-centered attention (on me). Observing this has been entertaining… as drama often can be when not caught up in it.

    That being said… we’ll forgive the reduced posting during your trip if you share some of the stories of your adventures when you get back! 🙂

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