So Much For Faction Change!

What good is paying for a faction change, when you can simply reroll your character with recruit-a-friend bonuses?


Whoa!  In an alternate universe, Leyola Swiftwillow the Resto Druid is actually Leyola Lightweaver the Protection Pally!  She’s level 36 on the Aggramar server, and apparently, I have an awesome backstory for this alternate history, providing a creative exception to the opinion that faction transfer provides little opportunity for roleplaying.  Hopefully it will be up by tuesday or wednesday, so see ya then!

5 thoughts on “So Much For Faction Change!

  1. No way! You gotta make due with what you have! Find the closest analog! For Nelfs, you got Belfs, and for humans, you have forsaken! Draenei/Gnome/Dwarf and Troll/Orc/Tauren folk, they’re in a bit of a rutt. I do argue that Draenei and Orcs are closely related, since they both originally come from Draenor.

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