Meanwhile, in Acherus…

Wimzig still hasn’t hit level 80 yet.  He’s happily chugging along 78 (about 75% towards 79), and is making quite a bit of money.  After paying for dual specs for all three of my mains (and epic flight for Leyola) and paying for his own cold weather flying, he’s sitting pretty at around 3k gold.  Not sure how I’m going to spend that money, but I can imagine more dual specs for up and coming alts (more on those in a future post!).

Luckily, Wimzig has been the benefactor of the “slow and steady” approach to levelling.  JC dailies has given him almost an entire level worth of experience, meaning that more money can be made questing at the level cap.  I can imagine that he’s on pace to hit 80 around the time 3.2 comes out.  And guess what?  Heroics! Conquest Badges!

An Awesome Time to Be Frost

Death Knights have a special place in my heart because they have multiple Frost specs with different playstyles.  As of 3.2, all three specs may be viable in endgame scenarios: Tanking, 2H DPS, and Dual-wield DPS.  Having levelled up with a 2H Frost/2H Unholy dual-spec build (I like pets, what can I say?), I can see Wimzig respeccing into DW-DPS/2H-DPS.

Tanking comes in a close third, but only for two reasons.  Firstly, I find tanking with a DK is slightly clunky.  On top of a rotation similar to regular DPS, there’s Rune strike and various cooldowns to worry about.  Off the top of my head, that fills up an entire action bar, whereas tanking with Leyola (she’s tanked a few heroics with her Kitty gear) involves mainly mangle, lacerate, and maul.  AoE tanking is also clustered with abilities, adding Pestilence, Blood Boil and Death and Decay, compared to a druid’s swipe spam [sudden realization that Druids are quite imba!].

Secondly, I never had the chance to try out dual wielding because of the various nerfs that it received at the endgame while I was still leveling.  If it comes back to the limelight at the next patch, I am highly considering trying DW frost for a while, as it provides a new experience. 

If anything, I could potentially swap 2H dps with the tanking spec, just to keep Wimzig’s options open when trying to get into heroics or even naxx.  I could imagine that the perceived OP’ness of death knights have yet to wane.

“need a death knight for naxx?”

“link achievement pls.”

“I’m a death knight, lol.”

“Oh, true, lol.”

At the very least, I hope he will ding 79 in time for patch 3.2.  Faster flight means I can actually do quests in Icecrown without falling asleep mid-flight on the way back to the Argent Crusade quest hub, and waking up in Howling Fjord.  I get enough of that on my commute home, thank you very much.

See you on Friday!

(Honestly, that’s happened to me before.  Both in-game and irl.  It’s quite embarasing.)


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