Frost Mage Changes in Patch 3.2

There aren’t any.  Now go away.

Okay, I lied.  (EDIT: Build 10072 is up and running, and we’re getting quite a bit of changes indeed!)  Water Elementals get 40% resilience rating from owners, and resilience now reduces general damage instead of damage over time.  So much for the idea of a permanent/semi-permanent Water Elemental.  Where else is that damage increase in PvE going to come from, if at all?  Great for PvP though.

Replenishment returns more less mana now (somehow misread 1% every 5 seconds as 1% every second, thanks Noelor), and Frost Mages still have that wonky tick replacement effect when they put full talent points into Endless Enduring Winter (Endless Winter is a Frost Death Knight Talent, but let’s not go there, heh.  Thanks Eldren!).  So while the nerf affects everyone that needs mana, frost still needs to get that bug fixed so that they can do their job properly.

So there, PvP slight buff balanced with a PvE nerf.  that wasn’t really anything, right?  But Fret not!  This is merely the patch notes coming into the PTR, so these changes might not be finalized.  I promise to update this post as the weeks leading up to 3.2 pass by.


8 thoughts on “Frost Mage Changes in Patch 3.2

  1. Also, I’m pretty sure your maths is wrong on Replenishment. “1% of the target’s maximum mana over 5 seconds instead of 0.25% per second” works out to a 20% nerf. Also, the optimist in me says that it might be a constant buff to the mp5 “trickle”, and thus not be susceptible to the Frostbolt bug, but the optimist in me is very small. Too many beatings as a child.

  2. And here I was, biting my nails for nerfs and buffs. My eyes angstily looking around, unsure of what might come next. Anything to get my heartbeat up. And this is the patch. Oh. Well.

  3. Don’t worry Kriz…

    There is bound to be a new Polymorph in the works…

    maybe a new frost spell…

    “Frozen Tears”?

    The more we hurt, the more effect Frozen Tears will have on our targets

  4. At least the general gameplay and content changes are worth looking into. As an altaholic, I am psyched at the mount changes, even though the alts that matter already have their regular land mounts, haha.

  5. @gnomer: when it comes to PvE i’m certain there’s nowhere else for frost mages to go but up. As for replenishment everyone gets screwed by the nerf. But at the end of the day, people will still want it in raids, so frost mage utility remains. Now if they could just remove that bug…

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