How Lazy is Too Lazy?

Tuesday’s raid was…shall I say, interesting.  For this week’s Naxx run, we recruited a Hunter from another guild to join us.  I was informed that night that my guild had expressed interest in potentially partnering with this hunter’s guild, so in a way, tonight was an opportunity to make first impressions based on his performance.

Personally, I was not impressed at all.

This person did comparable DPS with both tanks, and was actually behind in overall damage to both of them.  Even in non-heroic blue gear, a Hunter with any modicum of a shot rotation should at least be able to put out some form of DPS.  Even if it’s as simple as Serpent Sting + Arcane Shot on every cooldown.

Nope.  Not this guy.  45% of total damage coming from Auto-shot, 15% from Volley, and 10% from Kil Shot.  Lazy much?

I held my tongue in raid chat, but was quick to inform one of the officers not in the raid.  I passed the message, and moved on.  But having said that, it confuses me that a person with that sort of stat breakdown at 80 would be completely unaware of his or her abilities (ie, lrn2play).  The only conclusion I could come up with is sheer laziness.

Now, that is to say that he wasn’t a hindrance.  He stayed alive, he didn’t wipe the raid by aggroing other groups with poor pet control (admittedly, one of our regular hunters accidentally pulled a second group in military quarter, but she was having latency issues).  He wasn’t a burden, but more of a dead weight.  That slot in DPS could have gone towards nailing away at the Less is More achievement, since we were at 9 players for most of the night.

Thresholds of Laziness

Last night, I had Leyola join in as Feral DPS, and did a good job at the role.  I didn’t top the meters (I didn’t expect to, since this was merely an offspec), but I performed competitively and made the most of my abilities and rotations.

Having thought about the Hunter though, I wondered how far I could go with skimping on a tight DPS rotation without showing a major drop-off in damage output.  So I tried being lazy on certain pulls to see what I got.

For those who are not familiar with Feral DPS, the bulk of a cat’s damage comes from keeping up DoTs and self-buffs for as long as possible.  I started out with removing Savage Roar (self buff) from my rotation, and I fell approximately 100-points in DPS each fight.  But I was still high enough on the charts each fight to not be noticeable.

Next, I dropped 5-point Rip from my rotation, simply just doing Mangle -> Rake -> 2-point Rip, thus decreasing the DoT output.  I dropped even further, but still nothing unnoticeably low.

Lastly, I simply put myself on auto-attack.  You wouldn’t believe it, but the hunter out-dps’ed me on that pull.  For shame!  But having done so, I felt uneasy about simply right-clicking on the target and leaving my toon there, doing nothing.  I had this urge to do something, even if it meant simply spamming mangle whenever I had the energy for it.

I concluded, then, that using any sort of rotation is better than no rotation at all, even if it isn’t optimal.  You won’t get optimal DPS, but you won’t stick out like a sore thumb.  If anything, if you want to be lazy but not get noticed for laziness, just spam your most powerful move over and over.  Frostolt/Fireball/Frostfire Bolt, anyone?

Laziness Versus Facerolling

As a Frost Mage, I can see how people view our spec as a lazy person’s  spec.  In general, the majority of our damage comes from frostbolt, which doesn’t require much thought or strategy to play.  Perhaps that’s one of the prejudices that is inherent in being a cryomancer.  Not only is our damage terribad, but our representative users of that spec are terribad as well.

Of course, that’s not exactly the case.  With excellent timing of cooldowns, cryomancers are definitely competitive in DPS.  It just so happens that our most powerful asset is a single spell that doesn’t require any other spell to maximize its damage.  When Frostbolt is the closest equivalent to auto-shot, you can’t really go wrong.

Thus, it is imperative for Blizzard to buff spells other than frostbolt if they want to increase Frost DPS in the future without achieving that faceroll mentality where frantically mashing a single button would earn someone the top spot on the deeps chart.  That’s just baloney; if you get the top spot, you should feel like you’ve earned that spot through managing a tight rotation and using your cooldowns perfectly.

Don’t Say “Lazy”

I wonder if the guild will run with that guy again, having invited that hunter to come along.  Furthermore, I wonder if the guild will even follow through with partnering up with that prospective guild.  Surely, one person does not account for an entire guild’s skill, but it certainly says something about a guild’s willingness to progress if it turns a blind eye to this sort of situation.

Either way, I’ve become quite sketchy regarding this guild, and should I be asked for an opinion regarding the matter, I will simply refer them to this post.

I had an amazing way of concluding this little post, but in the end I was too lazy to write it down.


5 thoughts on “How Lazy is Too Lazy?

  1. We have a couple of people like that in my guild. They’re RL friends and we’re mostly there for fun, but now that we’re progressing to more difficult fights, it’s becoming more of a “problem”. It’s stunting our progression a little. And although they have improved, they certainly haven’t improved as much.

    Some of our guildies went from 1500-1800 dps in Naxx are now doing 2500+, where some folk are going from 900 to 1300. And on Emalon are putting out 1150 (which is what I put out on my tank).

    So, I feel your frustration… but my point is really to not hold it against the guild that has them. He could be a great guy and a good friend to those kids. And don’t ostricise him either, because at some point, you’ll end up with 9 and that extra 1000dps will be enough to get over whatever hurdle you may have.

  2. in our guils it a simple come and goes policy. if you are worse in tank dps 3 times in a rowe yo will be kicket out – highli motivated

  3. As a hunter myself to dps below the tank is fail. BM has the easiest rotation with serpent, arcane, steady, steady, arcane, steady, steady… Volley if 4+ mobs. Even if you miss a gcd you should dps above the tank. Plus really he should be MM or SV for raiding.

  4. I wonder, actually, if you’re not making a fairly crucial mistake in assuming that this guy didn’t just suck.

    It’s weirdly instinctive to assume that if somebody is 80 that they must have learned to play their class at some point, but it’s entirely possible to level from 1-80 without ever setting foot in an instance.

    I’ve also found that DPS meters can really mislead some people. This guy probably found that just spamming volley got him awesome DPS when AoE grinding or dealing with trash pulls, and figured he could do the same in boss fights.

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