Instead of Fixing Stuff

Today was supposed to be a post about my suggestions to make Frost mages more competitive in PvE (they’re viable yes, but don’t expect one at the top of the charts of a Yogg-Saron hard mode kill).  But instead, I just had the time of my life battle-healing with Leyola.

Tonight, we danced with Heigan, and the majority of us died during the first slime.  All that was left was me, the main tank, and the freshly made 80 Offtank/DPS.  Thankfully, thanks to the MT being a pally, my healing duties were few and far in between.  Thus, in between HoT’s and lifeblooms, I kept up moonfire and spammed wrath to my heart’s content. Shifting in and out to pewpew and HoT up the survivors, I felt like a real man.

Half an hour later, I landed the killing blow.  I still placed last on the DPS chart.  Hooray for 91.8 DPS!

As such, this it led me to wonder if they will ever have offensive healers in WoW.  Maybe as the next hero class for the next expansion?  I’m not too sure, but if blizzard comes out with their version of Warhammer’s Warrior Priest/Disciple of Khaine, then I will immediately level that alt to 90, no questions asked.  From the stories I hear from the WAR beta, the WP/DoK were both ridiculously difficult to balance due to their abilities, so I surely hope that the folks at Blizzard are capable of pushing that archetype even further.

Another class I would be interested in playing would be a summoner class.  Not a permanent pet class like the hunter/warlock, but one that acts more like a frost mage and his water elemental.  The summon comes in, does its thing, then leaves.  Whether it be to heal, buff, deal damage, tank, etc., the summoner would have a wide variety of summoning options, making him a very interesting hybrid class.

Instead of damage/healing rotations, the player would have to maintain ideal summoning rotations, calling in the perfect individual at the perfect time to optimize heals/threat/dps, whatever his or her role may be.

These two class types are on my wish list for the third expansion.  Please blizzard!  Let me have my cake and eat it too!


2 thoughts on “Instead of Fixing Stuff

  1. what a cool idea!

    I played a WP in warhammer before I decided to stick with my chosen. They were a ton of fun.

    In terms of dps healers, I have a disc priest buddy who can top DPS while keeping the tank up through an instance without breaking a sweat, wouldn’t work at the raid level I guess but still quite an achievement I think.

  2. Oh. My. To be quite honest, I’ve never even thought about a class like summoners, but now that you mention it, it seems like so much fun. I remember how I almost giggled when I summoned my water elemental when I was frost in TBC, so having a whole package of yummies to call upon would be amazing.

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