AFK, Graduating

I just full cleared University of Toronto Heroic (Honors) mode.  Only wiped once.  Today, I’ll be receiving a certificate of getting the achievement.  For those who are curious, I was specced in Forensic Biology, 0/0/71.  The DPS wasn’t as high enough to get into the <Med School> raiding guild, but I guess I’ll just be happy that the PuG I was in ran fairly well.

EDIT: I’m back,  and I got a really cool diploma and everything!  I’m excited about this new stage in life, but that isn’t going to stop me from continuing to be a total WoW nerd.  If that doesn’t convince you, check out this awesome diploma I made for Bashertin.


The image generator didn’t have a function to change the name of the country, but let’s assume that it’s in Azeroth, ok?  Good!  See ya on the other side of the internether!


9 thoughts on “AFK, Graduating

  1. Does heroic = graduate degree? My dad has a masters in Biology and didn’t get into med school, there are worse things. MAJOR GRATS on the accomplishment.

  2. @everyone: thanks!

    @fish: heroic = honors. Med School isn’t a big deal to me, since the program I was already in was super awesome. And thanks!

  3. @Tryst – technically the ilvl of both items that you mentioned is almost the same, but I’m not at that tier yet, nor would I want to be. I’ve only completed a heroic honors dungeon. The loot is slightly less than what you’d get from MB or PHD, but the reputation gain with all CSI factions was worth running the instance I was in. I hear they have a really cool tabbard.

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