A friend of mine IRL recently got into WoW, and I managed to have my account and his linked.  After returning from an Asia trip, he upgraded to a full account this past week, and we’ve been blasting through stuff whenever we happen to be online at the same time.

When I’m the only one on, I’m multiboxing with his account.  I started a Shaman on my account, decked her out in BoA shoulders and trinkets, and sent her to town with a warrior on my friend’s account.  I run a very tight system, and I would like to show you how it works, but I’m writing this post from my netbook and am unable to post screenshots of the awesomeness.

Essentially, I have Glaceon, the Shammy, on /follow, while I mainly control Otakon the Warrior (and awesome anime convention).  Charge in, rend, switch to Shammy who by then caught up with Warrior post-charge, shock+melee.  From there, it’s a matter of Heroic Strike or Frost Shock, depending on available cooldown/rage.  Stuff dies FAST.  I get LOTS of experience, too.

Just started Thursday night for an hour or two, and they’re already level 12!  Combined with the RAF levels gained when levelling with my friend, there’s going to be a LOT of grantable levels by the time the Warrior gets to a high enough level.  Which of the eevee squad is getting those levels?  I’m not sure.  It depends on which alt I would seriously consider levelling past 60.  Suggestions are welcomed.  Here are my options:

Glaceon (Shaman) – will be levelling with the Warrior to 60, so no point.
Jolteon (Warrior) – having a tank would be alright, but I much prefer Wimzig and Leyola for DK and Druid tanking, respectively.
Vaporeon (Rogue) – I like rogues for some reason.  Perhaps it’s because they’re the melee version of mages.
Espeon (Paladin) – Free levels would help, since I am considering having a pally healer.
Umbreon (Shadow Priest) – Only as DPS, as it fits the name, tee hee.
Leafeon (Hunter) – As interested as I am with exotic pets, Leafeon is probably the easiest one to level without RAF, so granted levels would feel like a waste.

Again, comments are very much appreciated with this matter.

Random Thoughts

-I want to create an addon that plays “OVER NINE THOUSANNDDD.mp3” whenever Bashertin crits for 9000+.  I don’t think I would stop laughing if it was used during a raid.

-Apparently, my guild’s raid signups close 12 hours before pull now instead of 2.  I’ll start signing up ahead of time rather than last minute, which provides unneeded stress on the RL.

-I’ve been writing a LOT.  Fanfiction, short story prompts from several writing communities.  Project Gnome is still on, but I’m going to save the writing of it for Nanowrimo.

-Got my hands on the Warcraft RPG books in preparation for Project Gnome.  I’m genuinely interested in playing the game legit, D&D style.

-See you next week!


One thought on “MULTIB0XX0RZ

  1. Its funny you mentioned D&D style, I’ve heard they turned D&D into tabletop wow.

    If you’re looking for a medieval tabletop game, I highly reccomend Exalted from white wolf.

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