Bring the player, not the class.

Or in the case of the PuG I hit up this past weekend, Bring the player, not the spec.  A group was starting up for a heroic Naxx.  They were almost filled, and needed another DPS.  Unsurprisingly, their trade/lfg channel msg included the phrase “must be good dps, pst with achievement.”

“need ranged?  I’m a mage.”

“spec? DPS? achievement?”

“frost, ~3k DPS.   [Sapphiron’s Demise]”

I’ve cracked 4k before on Sarth, but I downplay my abilities by listing a 3k average.  Essentially, I’ve done everything but KT, and I’ve killed him on my Resto Druid.

“…sorry, I need good DPS.”

(What the frig?  Whatever.)

I rejoined lfg, trying to find a pug that accepts frost mages.  I ran into an old friend from Arygos who also made the jump to Winterhoof.  He’s a hotshot resto Shaman, decked out in T8 and stuff.

“Hey, looking for a naxx pug?”


He invited me to his pug, which happened to be the same pug from before, since I see his name in raid chat.  We started pulling mobs in construct quarter, in an attempt to DPS check on patchwerk.  I pop my water elemental on the first abomination.  Someone types out in raid chat,

“lol, who raids as frost anymore?”

He was a melee DPS DK, go figure.  I didn’t let the comment get to me, I just let my performance speak for itself.  As a DK, I reasonably expected not to beat him, but at least aimed to beat the other mages.  There were two others, one arcane and one frostfire.  Both with the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.  Big deal.

We hit patchwerk, and I narrowly beat both of them.  Heroism on perfectly timed Water Elemental plus coldsnapped double Icy Veins brought me to about 3.6-3.7k for the fight, easily besting their low 3k.

And the DK?  Died to hateful strike.  I laughed inside.

He didn’t say anything for the rest of the night.  We proceeded to one/two-shot everything.  I ended up with The Turning Tide and the T7.5 Helm from KT.  And I got my achievement.

I honestly don’t take it personally when people scoff at frost mages who try to PvE.  While it’s true that they don’t have the same DPS capabilities as the other three specs, they can at least hold their own against other classes, specifically in a pug setting.

Sure, I don’t expect to be accepted into bleeding-edge guild runs as a frost mage anytime soon.  But in a casual setting, I always look forward to competing with similarly geared dps classes, and taking pride whenever I outplay them.  It only further supports the notion that success is limited by the player piloting the character, not the class of that character.

Personally, all that’s left is Malygos, Oculus, and Old Kingdom (why haven’t I done this one yet?  I have no idea!), and Champion of the Frozen Wastes is mine!

A title definitely fitting for a die-hard Frost Mage.


13 thoughts on “btpntc

  1. Thank you for posting this. As a frost mage, I often feel self conscious about my spec, but frequently find myself outperforming arcane and frostfire mages in raids. Many times I check out the gear (who can resist) and find they have better gear than I do. I’ve got a dual spec now, but I hate using it, because I’m a little in love with my Water Elemental.

    Thanks for the great blog. I’ve been reading your stuff for a while now.

  2. @gemski – As long as he pulls his weight on the DPS chart and doesn’t blow up the raid, I wouldn’t care if he went naked! But of course, there’s a performance threshold that may not be met if the mage is untalented and ungeared. My point is simply that one should play what they want, but they should play it well and to the best of their abilities.

    @monkey – I love comparing my gear to other mages. But as it turns out, my gear has gotten a lot better as of late, so I’m pressured to perform well. I also appreciate you coming out to comment. I hope you continue to enjoy my content 🙂

    @Zaltu – I checked the guy’s armory, and ZOMG LOOK AT THAT HASTE! Over freaking 700! Maybe I’ve been itemizing my gear wrong the whole time…

    EDIT: Ding 800 comments!

  3. Funny story, rep. The entire night, a bunch of caster drops were to be had. I lost rolls to other casters on a bunch of tier drops, especially on fights where I felt I did respectable DPS. I lost a roll on a ring somewhere in plague quarter to a guy who rolled a 90 against my 88.

    Aside from a “haste offset” cloak, the sword and helm were my only drops, and that was on the KT fight in which I noobishly died by standing in the void zone. I was paying too much attention on the cooldown than on the environment itself. I ought to get an addon like tellmewhen or something along those lines.

    EDIT: My only consolation was that I got to sheep 2 people who got mind controlled. Just because I could.

  4. I find it hilarious that a deathn00b would make any kind of comment like that. You could potentially have been playing since vanilla, how much XP could HE have?

  5. “And the DK? Died to hateful strike. I laughed inside.”


    I don’t know why so many people consider “not quite as good as the rest considering fully raid buffed, geared equally and played perfectly” as “not viable.”

    Frost is a little behind, yeah, but not horrificallly so. The specs are far closer than they have ever been in the past.

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  7. I feel your pain my friend, my sister and I always seem to tbe the blacksheep with our mains. She pumps out some serious DPS specced frost and my beastmaster hunter can keep up with almost all of the flavor of the month hunters who switched to Survival
    Apparently pulling 2k DPS in Heroic/Badge gear isnt good enough to get into a pug on Alexstrasza… oh well off to the alts.

  8. I’ve just returned to my Frost mage after a long time playing other chars. He was my first WoW char and was always frost. Well, since level 10 anyway 🙂

    This is a heartwarming tale 🙂

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