Feral is the new Resto?

Went on a guild Naxx run with Leyola.  Not much to say, but they didn’t need a healer this time around, so I whipped up my feral DPS set that I had been scrounging up since Dual specs hit.  I must say, it’s an embarassing set.  It ranges from the awesome (Kel’Thuzad’s 10-man feral staff) to pitiful (quest greens, and a blue Idol from TBC that heals when you use finishing moves?  WTF?).  But overall, I managed to enchant/gem it to 7% hit, almost expertise capped, and a decent amount of attack power and crit.

And it was glorious.  I read up on Raider101 for feral basics.  The priority-based rotation that kitties have (keeping up their own buffs, keeping up DoT’s and mangle) is slightly more complicated than the Fire spec that Bash tried out last week, but has a ridiculous amount of sustained damage due to having zero mana problems.  Leyola pulled a ridiculous 2.7k DPS against a Gluth wipe, and an equally disgusting 2.6 against Razuvious.  In a mix of greens, blues, and purples.

Oh, and I got to kite around zombie chow in Gluth (with my face, no less), surviving a 60-stack of infected wounds.  All without Thick Hide or Protector of the Pack.  The Big Bear Butt would have been proud.

Overall, it was a glorious night.  Leyola discovered the wild side in her that she had thought never existed, having gone a different path from her feral parents.  But she remains a Tree at heart.  Tonight, she finally received her 4th piece of tier gear, getting the 4/5 Resto bonus that increases nourish healing when there’s more HoT’s on the target.  Sounds like fun, gotta try it out again sometime!

4 thoughts on “Feral is the new Resto?

  1. I think the huge appeal of feral druids is that you wear almost the same gear bear or kitty. Not tanking? Pull out severely respectable DPS from the same spec!

    I had to dual spec into Retribution precisely because its not viable to DPS as prot. Yeah, druids are a lil OP.

  2. Leyola is in a reverse position as a kitty. Tank goes down? Shift into bear, taunt, then do some very decent TPS with the same spec!

    Dual-specced with resto, I definitely agree with you that Druids (and hybrid classes in general) got a HUGE lift in 3.1 with dual-specs.

  3. Back when I dumped my kitty… a long long time ago, I did more damage as resto 😉

    But then, I was still using the scatter shot approach to talent allocation…

    Now I cry when I see a kitty tearing up the meters…

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