Frost and Fire: Partners in Crime

Thanks to the wonderful time that I had in Naxx a few days ago with the Fire spec, I’ve decided to keep it as my secondary spec.  Fire providese a nice change of scenery whenever I don’t feel like playing frost.  The playstyle of Deep Fire (which includes both TTW Fire and Frostfire due to Living Bomb) is quite appealing, and demands different things than Frost does.

While Frost is spammy and focused on cooldown/pet management, Fire is based on procs and debuff management.  I’ll admit, keeping up scorch and LB is quite challenging when all I’m used to doing is mashing the 1 key over and over.  So instead of looking at my cooldown timers, I’m looking at the boss debuff timers.  Thankfully, X-perl allows me to super-size boss debuffs that I cause.

While this is all fine and dandy, I realize that I will definitely need to adjust the spec that I was using.  I clearly have mana issues with fire, since my spirit rating is absolutely pathetic at the moment.  I will move points from Student of the Mind into Arcane Meditation for the 100% regeneration in mana-intense fights.

In fact, playing TTW Fire has given me a deeper appreciation for the Arcane tree.  With a lot of juicy support talents in the mid-tiers, I can see why people like playing deep Arcane, especially when it has a very competitive rotation and damage output.  Nonetheless, TTW Fire feels more like Frost than Frostfire, which was essentially the nail in the coffin when making that decision.

Mana issues aside, I did notice the potential for great DPS with this spec.  At the right gear level, I can see how a stable mana base could support a large number of Hot Streak procs, as well as being able to keep up Living Bomb practically the whole fight.  But for now, I remain more capable with frostbolts, and regardless of damage output, I will always stand by my elemental.

Will I be raiding with Fire more often?  Not exactly, but it’s good to have a back-up, especially in cases where I happen to PuG with another Frost Mage in a limited (10-man) raiding environment.  The redundant utility could call for a marginal DPS increase on my part, so I am definitely willing to make the switch when that happens.

As they say, variety is the spice of life, and with dual-specs being the big hit in 3.1, I am very willing to echo that sentiment in my pewpewing adventures.


3 thoughts on “Frost and Fire: Partners in Crime

  1. Muahahahahah….welcome to the burning side.*

    *yeah, ok, so I haven’t actually been deep fire since level 75, but I still get chills when I think about Hot Streak procs

  2. @repgrind – aye, Hot Streak Procs are quite sexy, especially when you get consecutive procs from pyroblast crits. But I also like the sensation of getting 5+ crits in a row with frostbolt spam. It makes me feel giddy inside.

    @Eury – Fire for PvP? I’ve definitely heard of it, even read the article that Christian Belt wrote on WI, and I must say that it is indeed intriguing.

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