Liveblogging My Foray Into Fire

This isn’t an april fool’s joke.  This evening, I got the 40th Valor emblem needed in order to buy Xintor’s Expeditionary Boots, bringing my “hit-cap offset” to 448, or 17.08%.  This means that I can now try out the Fireball PvE spec.

I picked up the glyphs from Wimzig, slapped on this 20/51/0 talent build onto my secondary spec (I am LOVING dual-specs, btw), and started practicing on a dummy in Ironforge.  When raid invites go up for day 2 of Evening Naxxramas, I will attempt to liveblog my exploits as a change of pace.  Wish me luck!

8:18pm (server) – raid is filled!  looks like the makeup is druid/dk tank, priest/druid heals, 3x mage, dk, hunter, and priest dps.  First thing that comes to my mind is scorch duty.  Other mage is FFB and he’s got the glyph, so he’s good to go with that.

8:31pm – Hot Streak!  Awesome!  Wait, what? Pull’s over?  um…DIE CRITTER!

8:35pm – there seems to be a shortage of ice blocks.  Where’d all this aggro come from?

8:40pm – 2 deaths already.  Definitely a glass cannon.

8:47pm – wiped on Razuvius at ~10%.  Second in DPS, but first in total damage by a MILE.  Actually had to Evocate that fight.  Maybe I ought to back off on some of those LB’s.  AND WHO THE HECK WAS ON SCORCH DUTY?  ARRGGH.  I might as well be the one to do it next time.

9:12pm – connection issuefrom the MT.  Once that was resolved, got another shot at it.  Died early.  Apparently those jagged knives are heat-seeking.

9:35pm – Gothikk Down.  DPS was meh.  Hard to get a spell in edgewise with 3 sec fireballs.  I prolly should have scorch spammed the adds.

9:36pm – dps was meh because I had 3 broken pieces of armor that fight.  Carbonite map was covering the durability indicator.  Makes perfect sense now.

10:02pm – 4 horsemen is actually a progression point for this “group” of raiders.  Once they get the hang of the flow of the fight, I will be able to see see how this spec performs under those conditions.

10:22pm – 4 horsemen down!  I ran out of mana even with mage armor on.  I think I should have put the 2 optional points into Arcane Meditation instead of Student of the Mind.  100% mana regeneration sounds pretty sick.  Switching to Frost for Sapphiron, because I get free 120 frost resist with that spec.  Will make conclusions once the night is over.

7 thoughts on “Liveblogging My Foray Into Fire

  1. So, when you said that your dps was meh…what does that exactly mean? I have been playing around with respecing my mage and I actually tried out fire for the first time since level 60.

    It was ok, but I didn’t get to test it as much as I would like to.

    On another note….I love the live blogging! Excellent idea and well executed.

    • Doc, that particular fight where I found the DPS to be meh was actually due to having two pieces of broken armor. When I actually got around to repairing after one of the wipes, it returned to expected levels (higher than frost). It’s pretty neat, I’ll comment on it on a post in a few moments.

  2. Fire is the one spec I haven’t tried. Done frost, frost/fire and now arcane. I do love arcane but one day perhaps I will step out of my element and throw out some flames:) Knowing me I’d catch my robes on fire…UGH

  3. For adds on Gothik you want to be popping Fireblast whenever it’s off cooldown, Dragon’s Breath and Scorch any other time. Never use Blastwave unless it’s going to either a) kill the mob or b) send it flying TOWARDS a tank. As you noticed, trying to get a Fireball away in the add phase is an exercise in futility.

    I love Deep Fire/Arcane now. Frostfire was great, but since the damage a Frostfire Bolt does when it doesn’t crit can best be described as “meh”, and my non-crit Fireballs can do almost the same damage as a lower-end FFB crit, and crit Fireballs do up to 13k, well.. switching back to Fire was really a no-brainer. Torment the Weak is for winners!

    Not noticed many mana issues, although I concede it’s a) more of an issue in 10 man and I don’t raid 10 man on my mage and b) I have a LOT of spirit so I’m probably not representative of mages in 10 man gear.

    I guess the big question is, however… Did you enjoy it?

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