Say Hello to Frostfiction!

I have been hard at work trying my hand at some modicum of research regarding my gnomish gnovel (see what I did there?) that I wanted to write.  There is just so much content to explore lore-wise, that simply sharing my research as well as brainstorming ideas for this project is enough content to fit on this site alone, let alone the written content itself. 

On top of that, I have recently gotten back into writing fanfiction.  This weekend, I continued a tiny bit on a long-abandoned Naruto fic that had gathered quite a bit of dust in the past while.  Considering that and WordPress are two entirely different sites that I have to peruse, I figured that it would simply be easier to just keep all of my writing, both fanfiction and general fiction, on a single, second blog.

Thus, I have opened up a new blog called Frostfiction.  If you would like to take a peek at it, feel free to stop on by.  Nothing is on it right now, but I plan on putting my ffnet stories there, and serial installments of my WoW characters will be transfered there as well.  So if you are interested in reading works in progress, or general exercises in creativity and writing, feel free to mosey along there as well

Hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to present you with the ideas that I have so far for the gnovel.  Until then, see you on the other side of the internether!


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