A few famous 23’s:

Michael Jordan’s Number.

Um.  I don’t know what else.

Brain: “Krizzly!  You must tell them the significance of 23!”

Shut up brain!  You’re not supposed to be talking in my blog.  This isn’t BigRedKitty.


Okay.  Fine.  I was supposed to do this awesome post about turning 23 today, but all hope got deflated when I had discovered that Gnomeageddon stole my thunder by turning 42 the very same day.  Actually, thanks to him living in the ozzy land, he turned 42 long before I turned 23.  And he had a way cooler post than this.  How the heck am I supposed to follow that up?

(Reminder – Day #4: 31 Day Challenge – Analyze a Successful Blog‏)

Oh yes, I suppose I can analyze this man’s blog on his birthday.  He’s got a true gnome’s voice, and he lives up to the vision he makes for his blog; little gnome with great balls of fire.  He blogs with passion, he blogs with intensity, but he also blogs with a genuine modesty and humility that is incredibly trademark of the exiled ones.  And he stays true to his style, regardless of who reads it; only he could pull off putting a Warlock Twinking guide in a mage blog.  Christian Belt must be spinning in his grave.

Anyways, I wish him a happy birthday.  There’s no other guy who I wouldn’t mind sharing the glory of May 6 with.

That said, I must 23 skidoo!  Ha!  Get it?  No?  Bah, you guys are no fun.  See you later!


12 thoughts on “23

  1. Oooh! Grats to you too! 6th of may indeed is a special day for the Blogosphere! My favourite mage bloggers buth growing older… (which not necessarily means wiser).

    Don’t forget to drop by and pick up your birthday cake. There has been a huge demand for them last week, but I’ve reserved two big pieces especially for you.

    Cheers from your innkeeper!

  2. Hope you have /had an aweome Birthday.. the time differences confuse me – anyways hope u had a happy happy day

  3. @Euripedes, Gnomer: Sometimes I wish gnome’s blog was Gnomeageddon’s Coming, so I would come first alphabetically.

    @Cassini: Oh, I saw the Jim Carrey movie about this. It was pretty neat. I completely forgot about it.

    @Isis, Pug, Des, xlade: Thanks!

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