Better a Month Late Than Never

Due to exams, I missed out on the whole 31 days to build a better blog challenge.  Now that I am essentially done, I would like to spend the month of May to steer this blog back into the direction that I see fit.  For those of you who have done so to your own blog, I suppose knowing what these challenges are ahead of time can provide a sense of anticipation regarding how I will respond to these daily tweaks to the blog.

However, I don’t want to spend an entire month just throwing away posts by responding to these things.  I already have plans involving the gnome story that I want to write, continued stories involving my characters.  To remedy this, I would like to incorporate some steps into my plans, thus killing two birds with one stone.  I missed a few days over the weekend, so let’s get right down to it and try catch up.

Day #1 31 Day Challenge – Create an Elevator Pitch

Today the teaching and task revolves around the idea of creating an ‘elevator pitch’ for your blog. Really today’s task comes down to refining what it is about so that you as the blogger are crystal clear on it and so that you are able to communicate this to others.

I already did this with a previous post, but I would like to pitch an idea for the story I would like to write.  So how about this for a back-cover summary of my work in progress, temporarily named Project GNOME.  And there’s no better way to pitch my idea than to do it in the style of a back-cover teaser.

“Gnomeregan, the wondrous techno-city of the gnomes, is a whimsical, bustling center of gnomish ingenuity, society, and history.  Friends to the Dwarves, it seems that the gnomes have found their place in the…

A leader, visionary, and beacon of hope for his people, High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque rose through the ranks of his peers to become his race’s first King in hundreds of years.  When the barbaric menace known as the troggs invade the underground utopia, it is up to the King of Gnomes to lead his people to defend against this seemingly unstoppable foe.  At any tragic cost.”


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