Friday 500 – To Battle!

Today’s prompt provided by Too Many Annas.

“Don’t you see, Wimzig?  Your death knights are losing!”

Despite the sheer numbers they once had, Mograine and the Scourge began to lose the upper hand when the legendary Tirion Fordring burst forth into battle.  Wimzig knew this, but he wasn’t going to lose to the foe that stood before him.

“I will prove my worth, even if it means my life!  On your guard, Druid!”

Leyola didn’t want to fight him, but inside she knew what must be done.  Wimzig was an enemy now, and save some miracle, she could save him from this terrible battle.

She had barely any time to react.  Wimzig leapt forward with a lightning-quick slash of his axe.  Leyola skillfully rolled to the side to avoid the heavy blade as it crushed down.  She pleaded to the roots underground to assist her, and they obeyed.  Brambles grew out of the ground and grabbed the Death Knight.

Wimzig’s body hardened into an icy undeath, and the foliage that had grabbed him began to freeze and wither at the same time until it shattered completely.  He was free once more.

He charged up to the druid, this time knocking her in the gut with the handle of his weapon.  Doubling over, Leyola fell to the dying earth.  Wimzig raised his weapon high and slammed it down to her body without remorse.

Only to have the blade shatter on impact.  The timely formed bark on Leyola’s skin was harder than any rock.  Rolling away, the druid completed the full transformation, and her entire form was that of a tree.

The tree of life.

Wimzig’s eyes widened, still glowing white with killing intent.  The last he remembered her, she had not yet mastered the spell, but there she was in the pinnacle of her abilities.  This was to be a memorable fight indeed.

He reached out with one free hand, and began to mutter a spell.  A sky blue energy formed in his hand, and it spread out around him.  He curled the hand into a fist, and slammed it down into the ground.  The air sharply turned cold as the vapor flashed into a frozen blast hitting the ground around him, turning it into a cold undeath.

The permafrost spread out from around him, and travelled straight towards Leyola.  Calmly, she mustered the lifeforce within her to counter his deathly attack with her own.  Her branchy arms waved around in the air, its leaves sparkling with a green radiance.

She drew the remnaints of life energy from the dying ground around her, and focused it into a blast of life, aiming towards the ground.  She could feel something adding to her power, a energy of purity emanating from the Light’s Hope Chapel itself, just a few yards away from the site of the battle.

The two opposing forces of energy collided, and a giant explosion rocked the ground where they fought, knocking both off their feet.

Wimzig looked up at Leyola, then to a defeated Mograine, and knew he had lost.


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