So I’ve Decided I Want to Write For Blizzard

This idea has been tickling my fancy since I finished reading Arthas.  Yes, I promised myself I wouldn’t read it until after exams, but apparently, I did, and now that I’m here, typing up this post amidst some serious sleep cycle disruption (went to bed at 9am local, woke up at 1:40am local), finishing the final chapters of The Dark Lady, and creaming my pants at the amount of fanservice this book provided.

No, it wasn’t my favourite warcraft book written.  Leave that to The Last Guardian.  Always has, always will.  But I sees it as the Lucky Star/Halo of warcraft lore.  People will go gaga over it amidst the hype, and it will deliver, but personal tastes will leave a good number of people settling back on their usual favourites once they’ve taken in the experience fully.  The books are just that good.  And I really want to be a part of it.

There’s no formal email application that needs to be sent, like Ixobelle’s (and I apologize for ripping off the post title, you awesome, awesome person).  But reading the background of many of these authors leading up to writing their works for Metzen, I noticed it wasn’t formal either.  Sure, all of them are renowned in their genre, but Knaak’s situation in particular piqued my interest, and stirred some unrealistic goals.  You see, he phoned up Chris Metzen one day, and told him he was interested in writing a warcraft book.  And that was that.

The difference here is that Knaak was already a famous author, doing to dragons what many wish they could do with night elf demon-hunting vampires in the RP servers (insert obligatory Greyseer shoutout here).  I figure that, if I continue to have neat ideas on this blog, and put them down into neatly written sentences, I could potentially turn a few heads, then a few more, then a few more, then I could get him to notice me.  He, Chris Metzen, who is my–

Sorry, I’ve been watching too many mediocre anime romantic comedies, Toradora being most recent.  Not to knock them or anything, the anime was pretty bad, but I enjoyed the translation of the Light Novel.  Having finished that first, it makes me wonder if the light novel format will ever be accepted in the West.  I often wonder if a WoW story could be done in Light Novel format, but it always results in me picturing Jaina in a maid outfit, throwing moe fireballs at the super manly Arthas, piercing the heavens with his Frostmourne.  Believe in you who believes in me!

Wow.  Terrible tangent there.  I ought to fix those up if I want to be a serious writer.  I’m realistic, not banking on this little passion of mine to pay the bills.  I don’t need a professional blogger telling me about it either.  I already know.  But it’s not about the money, or the fame.  It’s about being able to get my thoughts and ideas down, and reaching out to as many people as possible in the process.  I want to deliver that fanservice.

At the end of the day, Knaak, Golden, Grubb, and the others are doing nothing more than glorified fanfiction.  And they enjoy every minute of it, and they make many people happy reading their novels.  I wish I could do the same.

In a bold move, this blog will be the vehicle to drive into the horizon, chasing that ideal.  Long gone is the unfocused, uninspired, faulty blog recognized as Frost is the New Black.  Tomorrow brings a streamlined, minimized, goal-oriented, krizzlybear.  The krizzlybear who wishes to paint the world of warcraft with words.  And his first portrait?  The fall of gnomeregan.

Publication and recognition by Blizzard is quite unlikely, if not impossible.  But who cares.  Dreams are necessary, if you ever want to move forward.

I’ll see you all again after tomorrow’s exam.  I would like to present my ideas and concepts regarding this project.


5 thoughts on “So I’ve Decided I Want to Write For Blizzard

  1. If there’s anything I’ve decided from my blogging career, it’s that the very last thing I would want would be to actually work for an MMO company. Like sausages and public laws, I’m not sure I actually want to be on the inside of the process that churns out one of these suckers.

    That aside, I hope you reach your goal of Blizzard-level notoriety. Tis a worthy thing to strive for, no matter what you do when you get there. 🙂

  2. I’m late to the party, but! That professional blogger’s reasons not to write a book are kind of silly. I realize she’s talking more about self-help style books, but sheesh.

    The key to making it as a writer is to write a good story. That’s really the only secret there is to it. There’s a lot of hard work from there to getting published, but you have to start with a good tale.

    Fingers crossed for you! Looking forward to what you post.

  3. I wish good luck onto you. I also hope that more of us will be recognized and called upon. I, too, geekout over the idea of Mr. Metzen reading my RP stories and wanting me to write a novel.


    But it could happen… to any of us. It could… although, they probably need a little help to find us. 🙂 Go for it Krizz! And I look forward to reading your Gnome Tales. I really do.

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