The Futurama Effect

Imagine yourself suddenly getting frozen in a cryogenic chamber, like in Futurama, and waking up a thousand years into the future.  Everything around you changes, while you yourself remain the same.

A guild can change in almost the same way while one is away from the action for a prolonged period of time.  Sometimes you miss a mass-recruit, or a mass-exodus, and when you sign in for the first time in a while, it can be  a shock to see the explosion of unfamiliar names, or an implosion of familiar ones.

Having been away for Lent, I signed in to see a very different guild indeed.
The first thing I noticed was a large number of new names in the roster.  Interesting.  I initially thought that this would equate to more reinforcements for both the morning and evening raid teams.  But instead, I had quickly found out that most of the evening raiders that I grouped with had splintered off and formed their own guild.  I won’t disclose reasons due to both a lack of information, and out of respect for my guild.  But at the same time, there was a large wave of new recruits to fill in the void.

My Reaction

In a way, it’s almost as if I had rejoined the guild.  Many of the new faces already have had a week or so worth of raids to get to know each other as well as the guild, and I will have to take a few weeks myself to get to know them.  With exams for the next week, this will be difficult indeed.

However, I am somewhat surprised by the fact that I had not taken this event as seriously as I did.  If you recall the last time I experienced a guild roster shakeup, I had been very much affected.  Here are a few reasons off the top of my head why this is so:

I was not an officer of the guild. As an officer of the Ironwill Mercenaries back on Arygos, I had invested my time and effort to serve the guild.  Seeing the guild hemorrhage definitely took a toll on me, since that investment provided a negative return.

I was not a long-serving member of the guild. I’ve only been in Exiled Legion on Winterhoof for barely two months, compared to the five or six that I spent with my guild back on Arygos.  Not knowing many of the members well, I didn’t develop a connection deep enough to have a significant effect if they left.

I had been away for Lent. My WoW absence has definitely given me a new perspective on the way I view the game, and I was glad that I gave it up for Lent.  Coming back, I feel more relaxed and less invested about the game as I was before.  Yet at the same time, I still hunger for raiding, and am thankful that the outlet was still there.  In the end, I guess that’s all that I cared about.

Doing a Three-Sixty

Touching on that last point, despite the fact that the guild roster had changed quite dramatically from my perspective, I had determined that EL was in the same position as it was before I left.  They had a 180 when they lost the majority of their evening team, but with new recruits and a plethora of alts from the morning raiders, the guild did another 180, and are back on track to raiding as usual.

I really admire the Guild Leadership Structure for being able to do this at all.  The benefit of having a medium-to-large sized guild is the ability to survive splinters such as this.  I also really admire the co-GM’s for having a very positive attitude about the entire situation.  It’s almost as if nothing happened at all, and I am very certain that I will continue to be a member.

Now if only I could just get that exam out of the way…


One thought on “The Futurama Effect

  1. Funny… I logged off Sunday, after 3 days with my new guild.. the guild I had joined because I was once again following my old guild leader…

    Logged on last night… Guild drama… my “old Guild leader” had left (on amicable, if not disappointed terms) due to his inability to raid at guild times in the future…

    Ohh well… guild are nice.. I will stick with it for a while…

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