Back In the Saddle!


Still doing exams and stuff, but I figured, “why not?”

First thing I did after installation and re-entering WoW for the first time since the reformat was notice a buttload of graphical issues.  I currently have a ticket to see what is the problem.  Perhaps you guys can help me.  Here’s an example of what’s happening.

I know that the Forsaken are nothing but skin and bones, but this is ridiculous!

I know that the Forsaken are nothing but skin and bones, but this is ridiculous!

The computer did go through a reformat, maybe it’s a driver issue?  I installed the most recent version of DirectX, but still to no avail.


Wonderfully so, all 3 characters have purchased their dual spec, and unsurprisingly, Bashertin and Wimzig are Frost for both specs.  Bashertin is 18/0/53 PvE frost and 20/0/51 PvP frost.  Wimzig is 8/51/8 Tanking Frost (12/51/8 at 80) and 3/51/13 2H DPS Frost (3/51/17 at 80).  Leyola, with her small collection of off-gear, has taken up her parents’ feral arts as her second specialty, and I have a neat post for her coming up.

So far, nothing else to note in-game, but when I have time, I definitely would like to check out Ulduar!  Sounds like you guys are having so much fun.  Can’t wait to catch up.

See you all on the other side of the nether!


6 thoughts on “Back In the Saddle!

  1. Hey Kriz,

    Did you notice the post-patch ninja-nerf to deathstrike?

    Went from healing me for 1k+ to healing me for 200 max in a day-after-patch-day hotfix.

    Whats with releasing a massive patch then doing a ninja nerf hotfix the following day?

    So much for my invincible death knight 😦

  2. They also ninja-nerfed Howling Blast in one of the previous patches leading up to 3.1. Where HB used to have a cooldown, the devs announced the removal of HB’s cooldown, but when the patch hit, it had a secret cooldown that wasn’t even visible on the interface. Whenever you tried using it, it just said “can’t use it now.”

    DK’s cried foul, and Blizzard devs said, “yeah, I guess we’re having a cooldown, lol.” and that turned out to be longer than before. Now it’s the 41-point talent, essentially gutting Dual-wield.

    Wonderful, aren’t they? The funny thing is, many of these hotfixes are more fair than one would lead on; Death Knights are indeed super powerful.

  3. Oh, and to answer your question, lol:

    No, I didn’t notice it personally, since Wimzig is Frost spec, which doesn’t incorporate DS into its rotation. I did hear from guildies about it though. Tough luck.

  4. they ninja-buffed it lol!

    “we don’t respond to QQ on the forums”

    2 days of QQ was all it took and now its mysteriously healing me for 1k+ again… and I only need to worry about having 2 diseases up as well 🙂

    I have another question for you also.

    Now I find myself playing an alliance toon, with the most common mount around. I could get the PvP kitteh but it doesn’t look that cool. It’s grey not black and has lame pink armor things.


    How long would it take me to get a wintersaber mount at an average rep grind rate? You have done this have you not?

  5. I’m stuck at Revered. Didn’t take too long to get to Honored, but to get to Revered, you only have access to two repeatable quests as your only source for reputation.

    Once you do get to revered, you get an extra repeatable quest, but that one involves killing elites, which may still be tedious at the 60 bracket. I suggest doing the rep grind at least level 70, which is when I did mine. Should be cake at 80, though.

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