The First Day Back…

…But not exactly.

Due to the Easter Long Weekend, I was unable to install WoW on Sunday and Monday.  But here I am at my desk at quarter to eight in the morning on a Tuesday, and knowing that there is an extended maintenance today, I have a good opportunity to install and not have to worry about missing out on anything.  Patch 3.1 is reportedly today, and I surely hope it isn’t, because I don’t think I’m ready to get back into the game yet.

The main reason is that I have an exam breathing down my neck, and as the masterful procrastinator that I am, I still have to prepare for both it and a few other things that need to be handed in along the way.  Just thinking about it now, I probably wouldn’t be able to get back in anyways because I have a dead subscription and no cards to refill it.  I can’t even buy one right now because it doesn’t seem to fit into my schedule.

So yeah, despite not having logged on for 40 days, it seems to be that the number has turned into 55.  FML!

But don’t worry, the blog is still here.  I can do stuff on it freely, since it doesn’t cut into my time at all.  Oh well, real life comes first, right?  I appreciate your understanding.  I’ll cya tomorrow with another quick thought.


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