Welcome to Fire is the New Black!

Hi everyone!  If you’re a first-time reader, this is my blog, Fire is the New Black!  At FitNB, my posts are all about the ins and outs of the Fire Mage spec, from burning up the baddies in PvE and raiding, to setting those awful alliance on fire in the Battlegrounds and Arena.  And if that wasn’t enough for you, I have a number of alts as well!  I have a resto shaman, and a Blood Death Knight!

So come, sit and relax, and I’ll share the story of how this blog came to be.

The Roof!  The Roof!

About a year ago, during the Burning Crusade, I created my trial WoW account, a female Blood Elf Mage named Pyra.  After burning up the ghostlands, I stopped gaining experience at 20, and I simply wanted more.  I upgraded to a regular account, and the rest is history!  Stomping through arathi all the way to Icecrown, I levelled fire spec, the one true spec!

Now, I have Pyra, my 80 mage, an 80 Taruen Resto Shaman named Aloyel, and an 80 Orc Blood DK named Gumzog.  All 3 form the awesome team here at Fire is the New Black, bringing you the latest news and notes about my time here on Azeroth, the only way the horde ever could.  For the Horde!

Why I Love Fire (NOT FROSTFIRE!)

With the advent of Frostfire in Wrath of the Lich King, the entire mage community went up in flames, literally!  But little old me couldn’t let go of sensation of tossing giant balls of fire.  To even fathom myself dipping a little bit into Frost (YECK!) was something I couldn’t do.  There were a few things that needed to be mentioned.

Frost is cowardly!

There’s something about not wanting to be touched and to have complete control, it’s really anal retentive if you ask me.  You can give up all the cannon you want for extra survivability, but you’re still made of glass!  If you want to get things done, you gotta get right in there and get your hands dirty…or charred.

Fire is chaotic!

Chaos is the way it’s supposed to be!  There’s nothing like slowfalling from one level in Arathi Basin to another and simply blastwaving the entire enemy alliance, just in time to let your fellow troll capture the point.  There’s something to be said about sending a bunch of gnomes into complete disarray with your dragon’s breath!  Random freezing procs?  Forget that!  I’ll take random STUNS instead!  Oh, I’m sorry little spacegoat warrior, let me snap you out of your daze with a giant pyroblast to THE FACE!  BUAH HAHAHA!

Arcane Schmarcane!

Sure, I enjoy Torment the Weak as much as anyone else, but the only thing Arcane is good for is to PoM a pyro to a Dwarf’s face.  That’s all I really gotta say about it.  Sure, Arcane is really good at PvP, but as you may have heard, they’re working on making Fire more viable as a standalone PvP tree.  Yeah, we could use a little more toys to play around with in the event that we become targets, but unchecked, we wreak massive havoc!  Down with Slow!  Boo to the Barrage!  Instant-cast Flamestrike for the win!

A Crispy Closing

All in all, my burning flame for fire is not limited to Warcraft.  My favourite things are tied to Fire.  In Pokemon, I always choose the Fire starter (Charizard ftw!).  My favourite comic book hero is the Human Torch.  And when I was younger, I’ve always wanted to be a firefighter!

So stick around, there’s plenty more coming from the charred palms of this twisted troll from US Winterhoof!

(oh, and april fool’s.  If you haven’t figured that out yet.)

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Fire is the New Black!

  1. Wow, I cant believe I fell lfor it with the title. But your first paragraph had me realizing my mistake and loling here at work. Nice Job!

  2. @Jay: I don’t think it matters, people who read my blog would have found out by the first paragraph. Those who are actually new to the blog…well, how would they know? o.O

    @WTF, Jesta: ty, ty. Initial shock value was the key. I felt that I had to change the overall layout to achieve the “changed blog focus” prank. It doesn’t help that the URL still says “frostisthenewblack.” If I knew URL, i’d have it redirect to fireisthenewblack…but in the end, I got lazy.

  3. Hahaha, nice. I was tempted to go that type of route for today myself, but didn’t. I was thinking of making it a blog about cheese or yarn or Hello Kitty.

    Yours was much more subtle and a better prank! 🙂

  4. “Pyroblast TO THE FACE!” is definitely my favorite quote of the day.

    The “Frost is cowardly” part must have been kinda painful to write.

    In closing, Gumzog is an awesome name. I don’t know why. I’m still laughing at it.

  5. ‘Tis OK Krizzy…

    I know you have respec’d into Blizzards new Fire Tree… you know the one with Frostbolts and walking icicles….

    Maybe your WoW-Break has left you a little delirious.. maybe a little color blind.

    Maybe, just maybe, this is another example of why we readers can’t let you go…

    Site looks great… it’s a Work breaker… but I will try and sneak looks.. I wish one could reply from the safety of a feedreader…

  6. @Syrana: I would have LOVED a Hello Kitty blog. I loved when WI did it, it was just too adorable. But lolcatting your post was equally humorous.

    @Euripedes: Well, I PvP my mage like a coward, so I take no offense to writing it. AV boils down to me Blizzarding from as far away as possible, and mashing ice block when something gets close and my blink is on cooldown. It’s pathetic ;_;

    @gnome: Indeed. This whole post appears to be april fools to everyone else, but in actuality, everyone else is topsy-turvy! Krizzly 1, April Foolers 0.

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