Hopeless Twitterer

I got sucked into twitter yesterday.  It sorta makes me want to go back to blogger so I could integrate a twit section into the blog.  Apparently, I can’t do it with this free wordpress hosting.  Apparently, they finally added the twitter widget to free wordpress hosting.  Coincidence?  Totally.  Feel free to add me, http://twitter.com/krizzlybear.  Now I need to find a way to make the RSS subscribe feature more visible.

When I signed up, it was pretty neat; I could follow not only people I know in regular social circles such as the WoW blogosphere and my facebook posse, but celebrities too.  I’m following Felicia Day, lead female actor of The Guild.  Big congrats for winning a Streamy, beating out heavy hitters Lisa Kudrow and Kristen Schaal.

Not only did I find celebs, but fictional characters as well, likely RP’ed by the internet anonymous.  The weirdest fictional twitter community that I stumbled upon was Pokétwitters.  They’re just…bizzarre!


Of course, I want to get in on this action, so I made another twitter account:


Sigh.  The things people do when they’re bored.  FML.


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