Leyola Reacts to the Absence of WoW

Hi everyone, this is Leyola Swiftwillow.  Resident Druid, kriz’s in-game alter-ego, friend to gnomes alike.  Krizzlybear is, well, overwhelmed by your response (surely in a positive way), and has declined to make a post today.  I suppose he has finally gone off the deep end with his warcraft withdrawal syndrome (the other WWS).

As such, I propose that I step up to the plate and give a calm, collected response to the lack of Warcraft.  Does that sound like a good idea?  I think so, and you could probably benefit from hearing his story from my perspective.

The Fool For Love

Being unable to play, Krizzly is not really…of sound mind at the moment.  Take it from me, out of the three of us (Wimzig, Bashertin and myself) I’m usually the one who has to console the other two for a lack of playing time.  Wimzig has been stuck in his 77th season forever, and Bashertin has not been as useful to the Legion than I, and thus has been invited to less raids.  I can’t say I feel for any of them, but as the person who has spent the most time with Kriz before this “Lenten” season began, I’ve been noticing a slight change in his demeanor.

Frankly, I think he’s in love.

For instance, while farming materials for resale, he’s been talking about girls.  He told me that, before I became a full-fledged member of his blog, he was spending a bit of time with a particular female outside of the game, albeit in a  completely platonic context.  I certainly don’t blame him for taking interests in women, I find it romantic that he could harbor feelings at all, unlike that cocky Bashertin, or Wimzig.  Maybe it’s a gnome thing, I don’t know.

As for me, I myself have taken liking to the occasional tank here and there.  Heck, I’ve had difficulty resisting the urge to swoon over Maurice.  But don’t tell him that, okay?  It’s quite unladylike for any female to take interest over an individual that tries as hard as a Death Knight like him.  In reality, I as a druid could never find it in my heart to love a death knight.  How could I go about spreading growth and life in Azeroth, when my loved one can’t help but spread death and decay?  Oh well, live and let live, I suppose.

But back to Kriz.  A ladyfriend would do him some good in this absence of WoW.   Someone to reassure him of his worth, someone to share his numerous interests, someone who is compatible with his outgoing and caring personality.  Mostly, someone to get him off his ass and stop obsessing about WoW all the time, particularly the absence of it.  That’s more than I could ever do for him.  All I am capable of is casting lifebloom repeatedly.

But don’t get me started on lifebloom.  That’s a completely different story.


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