You Decide

I have been posting less and less.  Where do I go from here?

I wanted this to be a WoW Frost Mage blog, but there has been little to no news regarding Frost Mages, other than Ice Lance and Refreshment.  This whole spat with Spirit/Molten Armor?  None of my concern.  As a Frost Mage, I’m not here for the DPS, although I can certainly hold my own and not drag the raid down.  You want a real nerf?  Look at Lifebloom.  Leyola is crying in a corner, and Wimzig is consoling her ineffectively, freezing her tears by accident.

I wanted this to be a WoW journal/diary, but not playing WoW has given me very little to blog about.  I miss my guild terribly, and they probably have me presumed as dead.

I wanted this to be a blog about my favourite blogs, but many of my favourites are, have been, or will be discontinuing their posts.  As both a reader and a writer, it feels like something’s been stolen from me.  I take my inspiration from the lot of ya, but when there’s less posts to be read, then there’s less posts to be written about.  It saddens me, and I feel empty and alone.

I wanted this to be a blog where I could feel safe to say anything I want, without having to face the scrutiny of people telling me to STFU or DIAF.  With the advent of the Daily Quest, I’ve been scared to post anything of any value, fearing that the trolls from WI would come over and just destroy everything that I’ve worked so hard to make.  And when you’re scared to write, something’s terribly wrong.

I’ve found my wow-less solace this week in Pokemon Platinum.  Ridiculously fun, genuinely addictive, and well worth the money for die-hard, nostalgia-grubbing, oft-deluded Nintendo fanboys such as my self.  Glaceon is the best Eevee ever.  And for this blog, while it doesn’t fall into any particular intended category of blog mentioned above, it just makes sense.

Am I going crazy?  Am I posting less as a subconscious scheme to not be noticed by WI?  Am I burned out on WoW, or WoW blogging?  You decide.  For now, I’ll just get back to work on my Naruto fanfiction.  Because I’m awesome like that.


18 thoughts on “You Decide

  1. I’m going to be selfish and tell you to keep blogging.

    Sure, it may be sparse in the news world right for frost mages. But maybe that’s a good thing? Considering all the nerfs that are getting tossed out there, it’s probably good that frost isn’t getting changed so much. (Also having a bear druid, I’m not happy with the armour/health changes… I didn’t think bear tanks were OP.)

    Okay, that paragraph wasn’t really the selfish bit… here’s what is: Despite there being some good mage blogs out there, this is the only one I’ve enjoyed that’s Frost focused. I even respecc’ed based on this site and got about a 150 DPS boost… even before I was getting gear from heroics.

    So yeah… keep posting. I’m way too lazy to do all the theory crafting and math and optimization myself. 🙂

  2. You shouldn’t worry about the possibility of WI linking you. Sure the traffic is great while the trolls aren’t, but your true blog readin’ fans will be there to support you. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I’m with Syr. I get the most random flames when I get high profile links (and sometimes for an obscure line in the middle of an otherwise uninteresting post that never got linked by anyone), it comes with the territory. Respond, or not, as you see fit and move on – the troll usually already has.

  4. I find with the odd traffic spikes, they are only there for that post,99.99% will not even look at another post. 1% will click your ‘about’ page and most of your real audience are other bloggers or enthusiasts who turn blogger/moonlighter at some point. The posts that attract the most hits are people who are only there for that post. They don’t really care about your blog. Don’t let them get to you.

    I use to have a fear, now its a slight shiver, I won’t say it least it come true, everything you say will be available on the net for a long time, Keep that in mind while you write, but don’t let it make you fear writing what you want – because seriously, my blog is more important to me then my realm and my guild,my name they are all changeable, my desire to write is not.

  5. “Sod off… L2P nub…. L2W nub…. man this is the most crap Paladin blog I haz effer raed.”

    There…that’s about as bad as a WI troll could give… bet it hurt me more than you.

    I suggest you follow my lead and conciously cut down to one or two badly written and barely humerous posts a week… then post 7-10 a week…

    Seriously, if all you do is post your latest shiney, or achievement I will be a happy Gnome… just Gnowing you are out there, thus possibly reading my posts is reasonable encouragement for me…

    But, ultimately it’s up to you… wew all go through fads/phases etc… and if it’s inspiration that’s failing you right now… then relax and sock us with a big one when it returns… if it’s fear of WI… just put a footer in every post asking Dan not to link to you…

  6. I don’t know if I should feel a little bit insulted. I really miss the time when you interacted a little bit more with your mage collegues. Yeah, I’m not Resto4life, but still… I really miss your active participation in the gnomish mage community.

    To me it sounds as if WoW has lost the grip it had on you, for good and for bad. The magic is gone and you’re wondering wheter to start looking for it again, once Easter has passed, or if you actually should enjoy your freedom without it and settle for other aspects of life. Never go back again.

    This blog is about WoW and it’s no wonder you’re not inspired to write if you feel like this about the game and not even playing it.

    The decision is in your hand. You’re a gifted writer and a great contributor and as I said before, I’ll miss you a ton if you decide to turn your back to Azeroth and the Blogosphere connected to it.

    And I agree with the others, this WI thing… shrug. It really doesn’t matter. Not the slightest. And deep inside I think you know too that it’s not about that.

  7. hey krizz! im not a blogger, nor a hardcore enthusiast. not big time in my realm / guild either (dinged 80 on my main a full year after i began playing). heck, im not even specced frost! in otherwords, im an anonymous reader, posting his first post. and im quite sure there are other anonymous readers out there like me who stop by this blog once in a while for a great read. 🙂 so… dont mind them asshats and just keep it up mate!

  8. HI! Actually I found your website through some of the links from the RP blogs. Don’t worry about the Trolls, Bad trolls are Bad 🙂 I would love to see more RP posts from you 🙂

    But if you leave WoW and don’t want to come back, that’s fine too 🙂 It’s your choice like what Larisa said. And your Readers will always come back to read 🙂

  9. Blogwise, it would be painful to see you quit.
    The mage blogging community already isn’t exactly extensive, losing even a single membere diminishes the whole.

    If need be, take a break. No one will begrudge you a week or two.

    Pwease don’t quit :3

  10. *cries*

    at both the overwhelming response, and at my internet for messing up my post-length reply to everyone’s comments. All i can say is I apologize for making y’all worry. Frost is the New Black ain’t going anywhere. I’m just antsy without my wow.

    I’m going to make my individual responses even briefer this time around:

    @Pug: I know which of my posts get that sort of attention, and I understand what you mean.

    @Gnomer: Ooh, ouch either way, but I’m not a Paladin though, so thanks 🙂

    @Larísa: I apologize for worrying you. I really ought to stop by the inn more. I need my gnomish fill.

    @anon: I appreciate your stepping forward, I’ve been wondering which of you guys would come out and comment 😀

    @Lifedeath: WOW, someone likes my RP stuff <3<3<3

    @Euripedes: I wuv you too wippy :3

  11. Do stay?
    I like reading your stuff. All of if it, the frosty bits, the RP bits and the plain old things-on-my-mind bit.

    As for trolls, their worst fear is to be ignored. So… =)

  12. So relieved you’re not going anywhere!

    It’s bad enough having you without your computer and regular posting habits…

    Bet you didn’t know you had all these closet readers crawling out of the woodwork, didja?

  13. Wow, suck it up and continue writing. Judging by the way you are acting to possibly having trolls, i assume you are scared to do something in real life because you fear someone will disagree? Trolls are nothing but trolls. They can’t really cause you any harm and destroy what you have worked hard to make.

    There’s always going to be someone who disagrees with what you say or write. If you stop writing because you fear being trolled, then you’d be the one destroying what you worked hard to get, not the troll.

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