Frostfiction #2: Training

Amal’Thuzad sighed.  This recruit is a cocky one, he thought.  A former agent of the scourge, he was now an instructor of rookie Death Knights.

Wimzig grinned up at him, “What next?”

The former lich lord grumbled, summoning a skeleton.  “Silence his thoughts with the sharpness of frost.”

Wimzig nodded, eyeing the summon.  A dark flash crawled across its face moments later.

Amal’Thuzad paused, and then laughed.  “You must have been a mage in life.  That was just a plain counterspell!  Try again, but with-”

Another dark flash, but with a harsh coldness.

“With frost?” Wimzig smirked.

Amal’Thuzad growled, silenced.


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