It’s Almost Like Lent

I just noticed over the past few days that my computer troubles have coincided with the beginning of the Lenten Season for Christians, or at least Roman Catholics like myself.  Ignoring the Wednesday when it started (Ash Wednesday) and the Thursday when I did Naxx for the last time, it’s almost like I’ve given up WoW for Lent.

So hey, why not?  Might as well right? Sure, I’m a few days late, but better late than never, right?

Considering that I haven’t observed the sacrifical aspect of the holiday since high school when I gave up cafeteria food, I look forward to following through on this challenge, even if it means continuing when my computer is back from repairs.  For me, it’s a test of character, to really see if my life really revolves around WoW.

What about Frost is the New Black?

Fortunately, such a sacrifice does not include blogging, since my blog is more representative of who I am than the game itself.  As well, to give it up would be more of a disservice to everyone who reads my blog.  I’m not sure how many people that is exactly, but I owe it to everyone to spew forth my daily doses of ice-cold wisdom and whatnot.

If anything, the remaining thirty-something days could provide an opportunity to reflect on my WoW habits and how it fits into my life.  As for 3.1-related news, forget about it!  I’m shut out of the internet at home, so my time spent online is exclusive to the blog, and making posts ahead of time.

Frost is the New GoogledGnome

Gnomer did an awesome series during his trip to India called googledgnome.  I shamelessly ripped it off as a filler post one morning, and considering my comparable position right now, I have thought about my own series of pre-written posts to fill in for the days that I am without internet.  I’m sure you will enjoy it when it does come up.

Essentially, it is like the Friday Five Hundred that Anna puts up on a weekly basis.  She gives a prompt for people to respond to, but are limited to a five hundred word maximum.  As small as that sounds, that’s actually a tall order to do the full five hundred on a pre-written basis.

So instead, I will be doing an extreme version of flash fiction, which I will affectionately call “Frostfiction.”  Instead of a 500 words, these posts will be 100 words.  While not as demanding, it still keeps the author sharp in his writing, trying to make every word count.  Here’s my first installment.  See you on the other side of the internether!

Frostfiction #1: The Spell

“Control yourself Bash!  You’ll kill us all!”

Bashertin knew Wimzig was right.  It was a friendly spar, yet not the right time to try out his new spell.

The gnome focused as hard as he can, drawing the leylines around him as he channeled.  Bashertin had his opponent in stalemate.  They could only wait for the spell to cast.

Beads of sweat trickled down the mage’s skull.  The energy pulsed and rush through him, creating a dangerous aura.

“Almost got it…”


He unleashed his spell.  An explosion erupted, kicking up dust.

The smoke cleared, and Bashertin smiled.  “Danishes, anyone?”


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