Sticky: Computer is Borked!

As in, it’s in the shop.  This means no WoW for me until further notice.  Seeing as the other two computers are ridiculously terrible for practical use, this limits my posting to Wednesdays and Thursdays when I have class, since posting from school is an impractical way of keeping up with regular posts.  It’s a ridiculous situation that I’m in, so I really hope you do bear with me.  Luckily, I’m at a public library computer, but I have limited time available, so this will be my notice for the time being.


5 thoughts on “Sticky: Computer is Borked!

  1. Oh, that sucks, really. I hope you’ll sort things out soon. I think your loss of WoW is nothing in comparsion to our longing for Frost is the New Black. May your computer return in better shape than ever. We’ll wait here for you.

  2. Great post!I really enjoy reading your blogs. Maybe you can check out some of mine as well.
    I’ll be having a new blog up soon that is going to be awesome! Don’t forget to check it out.

  3. Damn, that sucks. Luckily my computer last broke when I had hit lvl 60 and had to wait till January untill TBC and I could play again. (2 1/2mo strike from WoW!)

  4. Larísa: Oh you, hehe. I always value your support, but no amount of longing will speed up the recovery process. I’ll try my best to blog as much as possible, even though I won’t be able to read anything online!

    @scott: I’ll try my best, but as I’ve mentioned already, I have VERY limited time to check out other blogs, let alone write for my own.

    @Draz: I hope I’ll be back for 3.1. I really want to hit up Ulduar, as it appears I’m the only person excited about vehicle combat.

  5. Recently I thought that my work had blocked all wordpress sites and I was very very sad. Some of my favorite bloggers are on wordpress (including me!). Fortunately the problem seems to have passed, so I’m back to reading blogs again… just in time for your computer “borkage”. Hopefully the downtime will be short and I’ll be enjoying your blog again soon!

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