Level 80 Gnome Guitar Hero

I have other hobbies besides WoW.  I’m a self-taught, jack-of-all-trades type of musician, I like to watch anime, and I play a large number of video games outside of WoW.  Guitar Hero is one of them, and having played around with my camera the other day, I figure I’d simply share this with the blogosphere!  And to prove this is me playing, the final frames where the camera moves away from the TV screen shows a poster of Chii from Chobits, and the foam letters “I Z,” which are the last two letters from K R I Z (short form of krizzlybear, obviously :D). 

See you on the other side of the internether!


One thought on “Level 80 Gnome Guitar Hero

  1. Good lord, you accomplished that a lot better than I could, I personally can’t get past the last few tiers on expert in GH3. Through the fire and flames is so difficult and grueling to play, its just plain not fun IMO. Now rock you like a hurricane on expert, or paranoid, there’s some fun-ness. Or how about a gnome cover of cult of personality?

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