The Needy Gnome

While I may not be as enterprising as my fellow goblin blogger, I certainly have a routine (not an ape subroutine, mind you) with regards to how I go about my way with making money.  As we all know, patch 3.1 is coming soon, and with it the possibility of dual specs. 

Considering that the price of dual specs for ALL three characters will result in a grand total of 3k gold, I am making enough money to cover that expense  when the patch comes, as well as Wimzig’s mount and riding skills when he reaches 77.  Here’s how I do it.

After the break: cogs in a machine

Step 1: Leyola Gathers

Although her hearthstone is set to Dalaran, Leyola lives primarily in Sholazar.  Naturally, she likes it there because of the scenery and the lush wilderness abound.  With epic flight and TWO gathering professions, she likes to make laps around her farming route, gathering both minerals and herbs at the same time.  Here’s a macro that she uses:

/castsequence Find Herbs, Find Minerals

Simple, and standard for dual gatherers.  I place this macro on my action bar right next to Shapeshift: Epic Flight Form, Entangling Roots, and Shadowmeld.  In case she aggros nearby mobs, she runs a few steps away from the resource, casts entangling roots, gathers the resource, shadowmelds out of combat, and shifts back to flight form.

While in flight, she’ll switch back and forth between herbs and minerals, while listening to her gnomish music box ((MP3 Player)).  At the end of a few songs, she’d have farmed a handful of Saronite, Tiger Lily, Goldclover, Adder’s Tongue, and a mixture of Crystallized Earth, Shadow, and Life.

Next, she flies back to Nesingwary Base camp, and mails all of her farmed materials to Wimzig, except for Crystallized Life, which heads straight to Bashertin.

Step 2: Wimzig Crafts

Wimzig receives the gathered material from Leyola, and proceeds to grind them all down with Prospecting and Milling.  He hordes the uncommon gems for future use (either for JC daily, or if Bashertin and Leyola need gear socketed), and cuts the rare gems that sell well on the AH.  Having done numerous JC dailies, he has the recipes for some high-demand cuts like +Hit/+Spellpower, or +Inellect/+Spirit.

He turns the dyes into inks, and proceeds to do his daily inscription research.  Depending on the discovery, he will make certain number of copies of those discovered glyphs for sale at the AH.  He turns the crystallized Earths into Eternal Earths, and crafts Shadowmight Rings and Stoneguard Bands. 

Wimzig also makes vellums with the remaining inks.

Having already learned most of the necessary JC recipes from tokens, he has started using his dailies to buy dragon gems, and selling them as is.

He sends all of his materials to Bashertin.

Step 3: Bashertin Wheels and Deals

Bashertin receives the Crystallized Life from Leyola and the various gems and glyphs from Wimzig.  He turns the Crystallized Life into Eternals, and saves them up for his Moonshroud cooldowns.  If his cooldown is up, he will make 2 cloths each, as he is specialized, since moonshroud items are more valuable on the AH than the other two.

He disenchants the Shadowmight Rings and Stoneguard Bands into essences and dusts, and tries to level up his enchanting by enchanting vellums, and selling the scrolls at the AH.

When he feels like it, he will make his trip to Stratholme and solo all of the bosses in an attempt to get Baron Rivendare’s mount.  So far, no success, but he gets a lot of blues, which he disenchants into shards.

Before he posts all of the received items, including the shards on the AH, he does a scan to update the market value of his items.  He posts all of his items at 100% market value, regardless of undercutters, as well as reposting previously expired.  As he is not interested in making money right away, he knows that he can afford to repost expired auctions.

The only exception to the AH routine is the large Dream Shards that he gets from farming strath for the mount.  He posts them at 3g even if it is higher than market value.  Since he is the most consistent provider of Dream Shards on the AH in his realm, he has a large influence on market value, even relisting Dream Shards if necessary.

One Giant Moneymaking Machine

All three characters work together to make a neat little system that provides a good amount of coin.

With this system, I accomplish several things:

  • Leyola gets to fly around and explore Sholazar.  She loves the place so much, and she likes the attention I give her.
  • I do Wimzig’s JC dailies and inscription research regularly and concurrently.
  • Bashertin levels up his Enchanting, and gets a chance at getting the Baron Rivendare mount.

Mind you, I don’t go through these steps in order all the time, nor do I do them as regularly as the post may imply.  I do them whenever I feel like, and whenever I’m running out of things to sell.  While this system may be inefficient, I certainly enjoy the in-game time that I spend with my characters.  And I make a nice nest egg for myself as well!

See you on the other side of the internether!


4 thoughts on “The Needy Gnome

  1. I have contemplated deleting the goblin’s blog. I liked it at first, but when he strays from money making, the effort is less than successful.

    Your post has actually made me consider giving up leatherworking so my druid can be a pure gatherer, but that would leave my DK’s leather with nowhere to go. Decisions, decisions. . .

  2. I gotta hand it to him though, he knows his stuff when it comes to making money. I don’t understand much about economics or philosophy, but I enjoy his AH stuff to the point where I’m living vicariously through his wealth. Thus, it’s just a matter of picking and choosing which posts I read, much like the rest of my ridiculously long personal RSS feed.

    At the end of the day, as controversial as he can get, I can’t help but not turn away sometimes.

  3. I just changed Rhii from a for-profit herbalist who tinkered with JC when she had the inclination (which was not very often) to an herbalist/scribe and her disposable income has dropped dramatically.

    I do find it refreshing to craft something useful though. And glyphs are not un-profitable. 🙂

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