Sadness, Happiness, Rage, Laughter

Happiness:  Thaddius finally downed in 25-man Naxx.

Of all the bosses in Naxxramas, I would like to believe that Thad is the most unforgiving fight, especially on Heroic Mode.  Due to the nature of the fight, everyone needs to be on their game and be aware of the polarity shifts and move accordingly, and on time.  One errant twitch, and you might accidentally kill one or two people.  One ignored shift will wipe the raid.

And it’s not just the survivability aspect, but the DPS as well.  For guilds still in Naxx progression (they do exist, don’t pretend they don’t, you haters!), every DPS slot is desperately needed, especially when it comes to shifting like polarities.  Having one or two individuals dead at the wrong time can make the difference between the ~50,000 raid DPS that will fail to make the enrage timer and the ~80,000 DPS that will barely squeak by.

And yesterday, the <Exiled Legion> PM raiding team finally did it.  Bash won the awesome belt, even though he elected not to wear it for the guild screenshot, seen after the break.

After the break: A bunch of other emotions.

Thaddius Down!  Bash whips out the Lovely Dress!

Thaddius Down! Bash whips out the Lovely Dress!

Sadness: Resto4Life is Saying Goodbye.

I know you all know, so I’m not going to bother linking.  I never really had Phae’s site on my blogroll, which seemed a bit weird to me, and probably even moreso for many readers of Frost is the New Black.  It wasn’t anything out of disrespect, but it was simply because I knew that R4L was on everyone ELSE’s blogroll, that I could simply find my way there to Phae’s whenever I wanted.

And now I can’t do that.  It’s a huge loss for the blogging community, and WoW in general.  She had the complete package, and I can’t help but think that Leyola’s creation had something to do with her amazing presentation of the Tree Class.  Leyola didn’t even get to participate in Arbor Day!  It will never be, but I’m sure she will do so by her lonesome when the time comes.  And a post will be made for sure.

Rage: Death Knight RP

I’m not an avid RP’er, I’ll admit first and foremost.  But I do like to roleplay from time to time, especially after a long night of raiding.  Having said that, I still try to follow the general rules of RP, such as avoiding God-moding and Mary-Sue’ing my characters.

Apparently, death knights are the Huntards of RP these days.  EVERYONE has one, and a large enough portion of them RP with their Death Knight so terribly, that I cannot tell the good from the bad upon first glance. 

One night, I’ll stumble into the Pig n’ Whistle, and a freakish mafia-like standoff would be in progress.  Between opposing death knight gangs.  Another night, the Pig will be empty, but there will be a DK having a seat at the central table.  I’ll walk in, try to strike up an encounter, and all of a sudden, I’m chatting with a half-elf emo vampire Death Knight who can read minds.  *facepalm*

Seriously guys, put more thought into your Knights of Death.  There’s a difference between having a flare for the dramatic and being an emo self-insert.  For starters, backstories aren’t JUST about guilt-ridden, bloodthirsty revenge against Arthas.  As a DK, it’s a given for sure, but adding a twist to the character is always neat.

Here’s an example of a backstory for a human female Death Knight, unholy spec.  An heriess of a lumber mill a few hours from Old Stratholme, Lady Danila Harrowshire was raised in utmost luxury.  Servants available to her beck and call, her life was set in stone, even betrothed to a fellow heir and childhood friend.  Then the scourge came and ravaged all of Lordaeron.  Her household was ravaged, and she was mercilessly slain.

Raised from the dead to do the Lich King’s bidding, Danila rose through the ranks of the scourge army without any memory of her life.  One day, by a twist of fate, she unknowingly raised one of her servants in life from the dead.  Mr. Harris, as he was affectionately called, was one of her favourites, and upon his reanimation, her past literally came back to haunt her.

Suddenly aware of recent events, the Lich King sent her to die in battle at Light’s Hope.  Nearly slain several times in battle, a still feebled and demoralized Danila was saved by the heroics of her own faithful servant, Mr. Harris.  Free of the Lich King’s grip, Lady Danila and Mr. Harris now roam throughout Azeroth in search of clues that may shed more light into her past, so that she can make peace with what she had lost.

Booya.  Suck it, illegitimate children of Arthas!

Laughter:  Mage 3.1 PTR Notes

I hate being last to the party, since Euripedes and Tuna have both given their analyses.  Yet today, I make an exception, since there isn’t anything new for mages in 3.1.  But still, I can’t help but laugh at myself for ever wondering the fate of my dear old Water Elemental with regards to the “revised Improved Water Elemental talent.” 

As it stands, no, the uptime will not be changed, but mana regeneration will be eschewed in favour of Replenishment provided by, get this, frostbolt!  LMAO!  It’s like spending hours trying to find your lucky hat, only to realize that you’ve been wearing it all along.  Seriously, I can’t think of a more adequate analogy.

Having said that, Frost Mages are at a huge advantage with activating and keeping up the replenishment, since all we do is press 11111111111111111, at least on my keyboard anyways.  All that’s left now is to address their PvE raid DPS, and implementing shatter combos into our rotation.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store during the PTR process.

Other Emotions Left Unchecked

Yeah, there’s excitement, anxiety, doubt, and a bit of love in my life, but none of those warrant any space on my post for the time being.  For now, I’m just contently riding along this wave of life, and seeing where it will take me. 

See you on the other side of the internether!


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