Friday Five: Too Many Pirates Edition

Because Anna’s five questions today deal with the three ARRRRR’S!  Get it?  *sigh*

So um, today I’m going to spotlight Bashertin, who got his T7.5 shoulders two nights ago.

Bashertin:  No.  Not today.

Why not?

Bashertin:  Reading and writing.  That’s a Wimzig thing.  Him being a scribe and all.

Leyola:  He’s not here today.  He’s off at the blacksmith to get some tempered armor crafted.

Bashertin:  Okay, fine, I’ll just ask you, Ley!

Leyola:  Sure enough.

Bashertin:  Can you read or write?

Leyola:  That’s an absurd question.

Bashertin:  Not my questions.  They’re Anna’s.  Answer them!

Leyola:  Okay, fine.  I can read and write.  Isn’t that supposed to be standard?

Bashertin:  Not exactly.  Not everyone was privileged like you.

Leyola:  Well, how was I supposed to know?  Not my fault everyone loves my parents!  Next question!

Bashertin:  Are you good with numbers and business-like stuff?

Leyola:  That depends.  If gathering herbs and minerals and selling them for market value counts as “good with numbers,” then yes.  Overcharging people for portals to Dalaran counts as “business-like stuff,” then that’s your specialty, gnome.

Bashertin:  I was one of the realm’s first mages to get to Dalaran.  There was opportunity.  There are no bad sellers, only bad buyers.

Leyola:  That sounds more goblin-speak than gnomish, Bash.  You’re treading some murky waters.

Bashertin:  OK, well, whatever!  Moving on.  Education, informal or formal?

Leyola:  Formal.  I was tutored privately by a respected instructor on his spare time, away from the rest of the children in Ashenvale.

Bashertin:  You didn’t have that many friends, didn’t you?

Leyola:  I’ve got you and Wimzig, right?  That surely counts for something.

Bashertin:  Sure sure.  Let’s just finish the rest of these questions, and I’ll conjure some dinner for the three of us later.

Leyola:  Sounds lovely.

Bashertin:  Question four.  Do you know any other languages other than the one you grew up with?

Leyola:  Other than common?

Bashertin:  Yeah, that’s a given.

Leyola:  Nothing.

Bashertin:  How exciting.

Leyola:  Yes.  Quite.

Bashertin:  Indeed.

Leyola: …

Bashertin: …

Leyola: …”Dabu.”

Bashertin:  …question five.  Your handwriting, what does it look like?

Leyola:  I don’t know.  It’s normal.  It’s not the chickenscratch that Wimzig has, that’s for sure.

Bashertin:  Yeah, for sure.

Leyola:  Makes me wonder how he ever became a scribe in the first place.

Bashertin:  In fact, my Molten Armor glyph is precisely 2.75% less effective than intended.  I think he messed up on some leyline calculations when he did it.

Leyola:  As they say, never send a gnome to do a man’s job.

Bashertin:  You are aware that I am a gnome, right?

Leyola:  Quite aware.

Bashertin: …

Leyola: …

Bashertin:  …”Zugzug.”


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