Alextrasza is Totally Hot.

Like, really, really hot.  People complain about how Mary Sue-ish Rhonin can be, but in my opinion, just not enough of them are aware of how much worse Krasus is.  Let’s take a look at the list of Mary Sue qualities from his characterization in numerous Warcraft Novels:

  • Dragon in disguise
  • Cocky, overconfident, VERY powerful
  • Takes on an unusual appearance unlike any average character
  • Wins the heart of the freaking Life Binder herself, Alextrasza

And for the reasons stated above, I salute you, Krasus, as the object of most lore-obsessed guy’s utter and utmost jealousy.  Oh, and as the subject of Mai’s neat little WoW screenshot meme thingy.

After the break: the life binder in her amazingly awesome hotness.

Once that consort is out of the way, you will be mine, dear Alex.

Once that consort is out of the way, you will be mine, dear Alex.

Arrrghh, so freaking hot.  Too bad she’s taken though.

Yeah yeah, feel free to toss in your flames in the comments.  “Bitter Valentine’s Day much?” and so on and so forth.  Oh, I suppose I should forward this to other people.  So um, the way this little thing works is you go into your WoW screenshots folder and post the 6th image in it.  Lucky me for having this one, I suppose, but I’m interested in seeing a few bloggers’ responses:

– Lin, from Elune’s Guidance, since she’s been looking for some blog fodder.

– Nibuca, from Mystic Chicanery, since she ninja-vacationed, and needs to get back into the blogging groove.

– WTFSpaghetti, from the ridiculously funny blog of the same name.  I was featured as a blogger-of-the-week on his site, and I suppose this is my shameless way of thanking him.  Great stuff, bro!

And the rest of you, go ahead and do it if you feel like it.  Screenshot folder, sixth image.  It’s not that hard.  But if you do so, do not hesitate to link back to me, since seeing pingbacks notices on my WP dashboard makes me squee like a little girl.

See you on the other side of the nether!

7 thoughts on “Alextrasza is Totally Hot.

  1. I wonder at seeing her characterized as a red version of a draenei chick.

    My IRL consort gets mad if I think of video game characters as hot (what she doesnt know about my Cammy issues won’t hurt her lol)

  2. LOL, awesome.

    I don’t know Krizzly, she is a bit too evil looking for my taste. I am also not attractive to females that can kill me with HER FIRE BREATH. =P

    I accept your challenge btw, mine will be up on Thursday!

  3. @doc: looking forward to it. and point taken, not everyone is into the dominatrix type, especially one can potentially give you 3rd degree burns by accident.

    @vlad: some people are into more “safer” alternatives, like jaina proudmoore (me included), but all the more power to you if you’re into that sort of thing. in anything, jaina is probably just as likely to be a fiery lover. she IS a mage, after all.

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