Hungover, Sorta.

Is it even possible to be hungover when I haven’t passed out yet?  I’m reasonably sober at the moment, tap tap tapping away at my cousin’s macbook.  Touchpad and all, it’s quite different from what I’m used to, but all in all, I’d still like a laptop pc for gaming purposes.

After the break: an actual WoW post.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of things with my low level alts.  I’ve gotten Leafeon the hunter up to 26 or so.  I corpse-ran all the way to Eversong Woods and tamed myself a dragonhawk, which I aptly named Moltres.

Umbreon the shadow priest went all the way up to 20, picking up a bunch of neat gear from the Deadmines.  She got a number of free runs from a very bored fury warrior.  He was so awesome, he crit Mr. Smite for a one-shot, not even letting him stun the party.  It was so cool, I should probably give some love to Jolteon my gnome warrior, but she hasn’t even seen coldridge yet.

I finally started Vaporeon, the rogue.  I sliced up a bunch of stuff to level 8, and I’m excited to see where I go from here.  Flareon has seen much more success as a Demo Warlock.  13 levels so far, she’s got a ridiculously awesome Voidwalker named phogthog.  SERIOUSLY AWESOME NAME.

Glaceon the Shaman hasn’t started yet, niether has Espeon the Paladin.  Other than the Rogue, I’m quite sure that the only thing that’s driving me to level these guys is the experience-boosting shoulders.  I have the AP mail shoulders for the Hunter and Shammy, while I have cloth shoulders for the Priest and Warlock.  No AP leather or plate, so I may not have the drive to get the Warrior/Pally up.  But oh well, there’s always heroic badges that I don’t need anymore on either of my mains.  So there you go.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with my post at the moment, and I’m still somewhat awake.  The laptop battery isn’t as fortunate, so I want to put this up and end it as it is.  Better to put something up and assure people that I am alive, rather than not post something, and leave plenty of room for doubt.  Cya on the other side of the nether.


2 thoughts on “Hungover, Sorta.

  1. Hey Mai, I accept your challenge. I’m still a few miles from home, and just woke up from last night’s “festivities.” Expect a response sometime whenever I make it back to my house. It’s times like these where I really wish hearthstones existed in real life (or at least, functioned like they did in the game)

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