Friday 500: A Druid in the Making

[Note: A little late, yeah, but the Twisted Nether Blogcast totally took up all the time in the world.  So yeah!  This is a response to Anna’s weekly prompt series, Friday 5/500.  Either you answer 5 questions asked by Anna herself, or write a small 500-ish word ficlet surrounding one of your characters in-game.  Here’s mine!]

Jarod Moonbreeze hunkered down in boredom as he sat by a tree just outside Ashenvale.  Not far away from him, a young Leyola Swiftwillow ran back and forth between markers she had made on the ground using various pebbles that she had picked up.

Not exactly my idea of contributing to the war effort, he thought to himself.  When the ranger general of his squad informed him that he would be helping THE Swiftwillow Druids, he had not anticipated that he was stuck babysitting for their only daughter.

Leyola’s parents were the pride and joy of the Druids of the Claw.  Their reputation as Druids of Feral combat soared as the war went on.  Stories of heroics, saved missions, and espionage would earn them a permanent place in Night Elf lore.  If they made it out alive.

The night elven child playfully sprinted back and forth between her markers with some semblance of speed and feline grace, in attempts to mimic her parents.

Jarod chuckled at the sight.  I suppose it’s not all bad. I get to look after a legend in the making.  The Offspring prodigy of the Swiftwillows.  Or so they say.

He reached behind him for his trusty bow, and procured himself an arrow from the quiver hanging over his shoulder, and traced an arc towards the closest tree as he readied his weapon.  Letting go of the drawstring, the projectile soared majestically through the misty night and landed halfway up the trunk.

“Hey kid,”  Jarod said, grabbing young Leyola’s attention, “If you can get that arrow for me, I’ll treat you to some good food in Auberdine.”

A smile grew on the child as she ran towards the trunk of the tree.  Motivated by the prospect of free food, she jumped up to reach it, but the arrow was stuck too high for her to grasp.

Jarod chuckled.  If she’s got the feral in her blood, she should be able to jump at it eventually.

Leyola, slightly unamused at her obstacle, repeated her attempts, each resulting in failure.  Now frustrated, she simply stopped, almost as if she had given up.  Letting out a sigh, she sat down.

Jarod was unimpressed at the display.  Surely the daughter of the great Swiftwillows would be able to reach the arrow without a problem.  However, he raised an eyebrow at what happened next.

Leyola stood once again her feet, touching the trunk of the tree.  A green glow radiated from her hand into the bark.  The roots underneath her beckoned to her subtle request, and emerged from the ground beneath her, raising her up to the arrow.  She grabbed it, and was lowered to the ground just as quickly.

A smirk came from Jarod Moonbreeze’s face.  Surely, she passed, albeit in a way much different from her parents.  He knew right then and there that he witnessed something special.

“Alright kid,” Jarod said, rising to his feet, “Dinner’s on me.  You earned it.”

Arrow still in hand, Leyola smiled.


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