Something about Frost Knights

Today was supposed to be my next installment of DK101.  What had happened was that the jpg’s that I made on MS Paint got deleted due to an emergency reformat due to some odd virus trouble.

During the ordeal, I had found out that my DVD Drive cannot read CDs, even though it can read DVD’s just fine.  That made installation quite cumbersome, and as a result, the computer is going to be in the shop for a small amount of time.  This means no formal DK help post for today, which is very terrible of me.

On the other hand, Wimzig is doing quite fine, so today, I’m giving him some attention.

Frost Power!

Wimzig is chugging along happily at 75.  While he’s been getting very little attention as of late, he’s still a part of my WoW routine: Jewelcrafting Daily, daily inscription research, and checking LFG for any quick dungeon runs.  With a combination of the hunter BoA PvP shoulders (+AP and +10% experience) and pereptually maxed rested experience, he’s getting a lot of experience with relatively little activity.

Right now, he has a 16/50/0 Frost DPS spec, putting points into blood for Two-Handed Weapon Specialization, Dark Conviction, and Bladed Armor.  Even though most of the Frost talents taken in this spec is mostly DPS, the 5 points in Toughness (and spare tanking offset gear) allows him to tank pugs should the need arise.

As a result of this spec, Wimzig is capable of plowing through quests with very little downtime, thanks to a mix of mitigation, Blood Presence, and Death Strike crits.  He can do a lot of damage in PuGs, regularly cracking 1.1k DPS in quest blues and greens.

And I can’t stress enough how critty Frost DPS is.  It just feels so good watching both yellow and white numbers explode in your face in quadruple digits.  Sure, Unholy has the pet and AoE, and Blood has ridiculous uptime, but Frost Death Knights, much like their Mage cousins, are ridiculously bursty.

As I post this, Wimzig is LFG for the Amphitheatre quest, in hopes of obtaining that ridiculously awesome Axe.

What do I Now?

As previously mentioned, I will be without WoW for an undetermined amount of time.  I’ll take part in my regularly scheduled raid tonight and tomorrow, but starting this weekend, the gaming machine (by relative standards) will be brought into Future Shop before its warranty expires.

That means that I’ll be focusing more on the blog, as well as other computer-related things.  Maybe I’ll look into finishing that NaNo that I failed ridiculously on, or get back into my fanfiction.  I haven’t decided yet, but whatever happens, expect to see a bit more from me in here, rather than in-game.

Which is a pity, since my 1-year WoW-iversary is coming up real soon, in a few weeks when reading week/spring break comes.


Maybe this year, I can actually have a real Spring Break!  We’ll see, I guess.


6 thoughts on “Something about Frost Knights

  1. My condolences, hopefully your Wow is up and running more quickly. I must say, although frost is an obvious choice for leveling mages, frost for deathnknights seems a little lackluster compared to blood and unholy.

    One thing I would be interested to see is how bursty the trees are when gear is taken out of the equation. Myself, and a lot of others I know who play DK’s gear a lot for crit so when I play both blood and unholy, they’re pretty bursty.

  2. All three trees are very good. For frost, you can opt out of the 5 points in Toughness for more panic buttons like Lichborne, Unbreakable Armor and Hungering Cold. Alternatively, you can simply skip out on some Blood talents to do the same.

    Downtime isn’t an issue, but the survivability is just amazing. While Unholy can take on multiple mobs with AoE, Frost can also fare very well, thanks to the cooldowns that it has.

    The bursty part about 2H Frost is that their 41-point strike is a runic power dump. With Butchery, Chill of the Grave, and glyphed Icy Touch, a lot of your pulls end up being IT>FS spam.

    When it’s not FS spam, it’s not unusual to pull with IT>Obl>HB(free from proc)>FS, one of those abilities critting from macro’ed Deathchill, and another critting from Killing Machine proc.

    Also fun to mention that Obliterate gets +33% crit from talents alone. (Subversion, Annihilation, Dark Conviction, and Rime)

  3. And it is incredibly fun to play at 59.
    The 50-59 twink scene is swamped in DKs, most of which went Unholy, ’cause that’s what all the DKs at 80 are doing.

    Frost beats them down SO fast when you get a couple of crits in a row.
    Which is almost always.

  4. Ive done the same for leveling my deathknight(Cryoknight) Sampii, now 71. And from raeding the thread on EJ forums, they say its supposed to outperform blood on single targets and multiple targets… and also having max threat if u were to put on some tank gear.

    if ur gearin for frost dps, get ur glyphs

    Rotations as follows in BLood pres:
    1death rune:IT,BS,OBL,OBL, FS DUMP
    2death runes:IT,OBL,OBL,OBL FS DUMP
    0 Death Runes: IT, BS ,BS OBL, FS DUMP

    They totally took out Plague Strike just because it sucks in frost dps spec

  5. actually an ongoing rotation you should stick with 2 OBL even with 2 deathrunes… the only thing is your able to fit in a 3rd OBL .5 sec b4 Frost Fever vanishes..which gives very little lee way and probably messes up future rotations

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