Greetings from US Winterhoof!


The transfer from US Arygos to US Winterhoof was successful.  Bashertin, Leyola, and Wimzig were all able to transfer without any snags.  And as you can see from the above, I managed to get into a guild the day I arrived!

Exiled Legion

<Exiled Legion> is a guild filled with a large number of nice people.  I saw a recruitment thread on the realm forums, and due to the large amount of positive testimony, I figured I could give it a shot and apply.  They happily accepted me, and now here I am eagerly waiting for monday to come and try my hand at OS with them.

What I seriously love about these guys is their “history.”  They gave an RP-like description of the group, having its history dating back to the passage of the Alliance through Dark Portal into Draenor.  It’s a pleasant read, and refreshing too.  Resonates very well with my appeal for character history and personality.  Of course Bash, Leyola and Wimzig have their own histories, but it seems like a nice fit, especially for a non-RP server such as this one.

Their raid progression in 25’s is respectable, and they run a formal ranking system with a concrete set of rules in and out of raids.  It’s a little bit more “hardcore” than my previous guild, so I am looking forward to trying my hand at it, now that I’m in a new realm.

The Plethora of Alts

Waiting for the three to come to Winterhoof, I decided to try my hand at a few alts.  The best thing about a new server is that there is a large number of unclaimed names available, and while my naming style isn’t as fun (fuuhn?) as Fimlys’s, it has a recurring theme: EVEE EVOLUTIONS!

Flareon – Gnome Destruction Warlock (fire = destruction, yum!)
Vaporeon – Gnome Subtlety Rogue (vapor = invisible, hehe!)
Jolteon – Gnome Fury Warrior (electricity = charge!)
Umbreon – Draenei Shadow Priest (get it?  dark-type pokemon? shadow priest? haha!)
Espeon – Draenei Holy Paladin (I have no idea how this fit, oh well)
Leafeon – Draenei Beastmaster Hunter (I don’t know how this fit either)
Glaceon – Draenei Enhancement Shaman (Frost Shock, Frost weapon)

All of them are level 1, except for Umbreon, the shadow priest.  She’s already level 12, and will probably see some intense levelling when I grab the Wintergrasp cloth shoulders that give 10% exp.

If you happen to be around the Winterhoof area, and see me on Bash or any of my alts, do not hesitate to give a hearty hello!  I’ll see y’all on Monday with another installment of DK101.


2 thoughts on “Greetings from US Winterhoof!

  1. Grats to your decision to try out something different! I think you’re doing the right thing, judging from your previous posts about your struggles. I hope the new guild will live up to your expectations.

    It’s just SO annoying, this barrier between the US and the European servers. How I wish I could drop by and have a chat with you from a level 1 char (or a brand new DK). Maybe in a distant future…

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