A Very Quick Wednesday Morning Post

Wednesdays and Thursdays are quite nice.  I have either a class or a lab in the morning on those days, and thanks to the restrictive nature of schedules, I’ve etched out a little routine for myself for the first time in, well, forever.

I wake up at around 6:30-7:00am.  I drive my mom to the train station (commuter parent), I take the car back home, have some breakfast, boot up the WoW, and start on Wimzig’s JC daily.  I take my flight path from Dalaran, and in the meantime, I start up on a teeny tiny post to finish later on.

After the break:  how are you this fine morning?


So the “ninja nerf” came, and from the information I’ve gathered, it was well-deserved.  Arcane performance was above and beyond the Frostfire mage, and pretty much the best in the game by a long shot.  According to Euripides, the full-cooldown DPS had gone down by as much as 800 points.  Makes sense if there was that much of a DPS difference to begin with.  Which there was, and as such, I’m completely fine with that.

Seems to me that I’ll be respeccing to frost sometime soon.  The DPS I’m seeing now is actually on par with my brief undocumented frostfire experiments.  Arcane has become simply a viable playstyle alternative while achieving a mediocre improvement over my superior Frost performance.  To put it into an analogy, I’m not as addicted to the drug, now that all the nicotine is gone.  Rejoice!  I am Frost again!

Winter-hoofing It

It has been announced that my home realm US Arygos will be opening up a free transfer to the new server US Winterhoof, starting tomorrow, up until approximately Monday.  I for one am excited about this prospect, and am greatly considering the move.  There are two driving motivations towards such a change.

One, I am no longer with the Ironwill Mercenaries.  After everything has been said and done, I was left as one of a few core raiders still with the guild.  Instead of simply walking away from the problem like everyone else had, I spoke to the GM directly, and gave him a good two weeks notice. 

I treat my guild like I would treat a paying job.  They are a working organization, and as such, you have to pay respect to a body that has given you an opportunity to do your thing.  As such, if at anytime you have to leave the organization, you need to give them notice so that when you do leave, they’re not as frantic to replace you.  I simply don’t see this in guilds nowadays, and while Matticus had voiced a similar problem with the problem pally, it simply wouldn’t have been as controversial as it had been if he gave notice.

Secondly, the qeues are outrageous.  I have a wonky connection that will simply cut me off at random times.  Having to wait upwards of 30-60 minutes to simply log on is unreasonable, especially if I have no idea when it will happen.  So this move is warranted.

Know Your Role

Similar to the opening of US Winterhoof, US Wyrmest Accord has opened itself up to the overpopulated RP servers, providing a fresh start to an underground, if not, stagnating RP community.  I find this to be the opportunity of a lifetime to start a new character there, just to quench my sudden roleplaying needs.  I’ve created a new character, a gnomish Death Knight no less, named Babs Bubblefreeze.

Babs has no history prior to the scourge invasion.  Her memory was completely wiped, but unlike Wimzig, she simply doesn’t care about her past.  Now that she has been free from Arthas’ grasp, all she cares about is the present.  She lives every day to the fullest, and gets by on minimal economical support; she has no job other than to sell the skins she gets from practicing her blade on wildlife.

She keeps a reanimated corpse with her at all times, and argues with it constantly in public, much to the dismay of grossed-out citizens.  She will get so frustrated with it, that she will simply blow it up from time to time, often regretting her actions afterwards.  Not one to worry, she simply animates a new corpse, one who hopefully will get along better with her (which is hardly ever the case).

From the looks of it, she falls directly on the red side of the Magic: the Gathering colour pie.  Whenever I get locked out of Arygos due to disconnect, I like to take Babs out for a few random encounters, and simply put, the people there are still shy to come out and RP.  RP guilds are still up and coming, so there’s still plenty of time to wait and see if anything becomes available for her.  If I end up enjoying this as much as I already am, I may just as well bring over all the other toons, at the cost of removing Babs from the list.

I surely hope you’re enjoying your wednesday as much as I am; nothing is more enjoyable than typing out a bunch of words while sipping that nice hot coffee on a snowy day.  Adios!


5 thoughts on “A Very Quick Wednesday Morning Post

  1. Honestly, I was overjoyed when I learnt that you didnt need a lvl 5 on that exact server to make a DK.

    Since I’m snowed in over here, I’m having an awesome break from my day to day life. I’m running out of things to do though…

  2. @Dink: Well-deserved, considering that the damage boost from Glyph of Arcane Blast was ridiculously powerful. But it’s not a nerf of Beastmaster proportions; Arcane mages are better off now than they were before 3.0.8. Frost on the other hand…

    @Drazmor: So much for routine. Ended up with about 6-7 inches up north of the border when I got home from class. At least I levelled up my shovelling skill!

  3. Leveling up shovelling sucks, we got 8″ here yesterday.

    Since the “fixing” of arcane mages, which is a better option for overall dps you think? Frostfire or Arcane, considering equally skilled and geared apporiately.

  4. @doc: It now boils down to playstyle preference. Both are very competitive with each other. Just remember that like all DPS classes, each spec favours their own specific stats to maximize DPS (BM and SV Hunters come to mind)

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