Now THAT was an Interesting Maintenance Day.

Yep.  Couldn’t do a thing either.  I was so set on my plan as soon as the realms came back online, but ironically, there were more things to worry about than the UI (which, by the way, didn’t have any problems at all).  I suppose there’s a line that has to be drawn when you lag out every time you take a step anywhere in Northrend.  Gave up raiding for the night, and started THREE new death knights on different servers.

After the break: gender issues, massive fail, reflection.

Death Knight #1: Krizzlybear, female draenei, US Drenden PvE server.

I recently listened to episode 30 of the twisted nether blogcast.  In this episode, the authors of Married IRL were interviewed by Bre and Fim about their blog, their guild, and plenty of other things.  After learning that their guild happens to be home to a large number of bloggers, I figured I’d roll a DK there, perhaps to say hey and introduce myself and whatnot.  Somehow, I decided against it, since I logged off immediately after I died during the beginning zone quest in Acherus, where you have to fight a bunch of casters in the basement.  Apparently, I had forgotten that you had to stay INSIDE the bubble to avoid getting gangbanged.  So I re-rolled, saving this toon for later.

Death Knight 2: Krizzlybear, male gnome, US Kael’thas PvE server.

After receiving some warm wishes from the Big Butt regarding my guild situation (more on that in a future post), I decided to roll Krizzlybear #2.  I had less luck surviving on this toon than I did on Drenden, because I died against the first NPC I had to fight.  Apparently, you need to equip a sword to do 2 of your 3 basic rune abilities.  Forget it!  Shelved for later again.

Death Knight #3: Krizzlybear, female gnome, US Bleeding Hollow PvP server.

I’ve kept a baby Pally in Breana’s guild for a while now, popping in every so often to say hi.  They’re such nice people over there, so I figured that if I ever wanted a PvP experience away from US Arygos, I’d have a nice haven over there.  So I made a gnome chick, sans the esoteric pink pigtails, opting for an emo look instead.  Typical Deathtard tendency, I know, but at least she’s a gnome, and not a human or night elf!

Oh, and this one went suprisingly well.  I actually went through the entire starting zone without dying.  At all.  Having remembered where to go for all the quests, I was done that area in about an hour or so.  She’s 59, as we speak.

So why 3 DK’s?

World server issues notwithstanding, I could have just as easily focused on one DK (which I sorta did, having semi-quit on two of them).  Incidentallly, I wanted to roll one DK for each spec, for teaching purposes.  My DK101 series is about to start rolling, and having only experience in Frost tank/dps, I would like to expand my horizon, so at least I’ll know a bit about what I’m talking about.

Surely, I hope your Tuesday wasn’t as inconvenient as most.  How did you fare?


2 thoughts on “Now THAT was an Interesting Maintenance Day.

  1. I have been thinking of where to roll my Deathknight as well. I am thinking that I might as well roll a DK on another server and as a different faction. (Mostly to get a feel of what the “other side” is like.)

    GL on the DK 101 series, I will stay tuned…

  2. I have 2 DK’s, one human and one Orc, I’ve leveled the orc a lot more, but I specced the human unholy and the Orc blood. I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t really played the human. I will keep my grumblings about gnome DK’s to myself lol

    I’m looking forward to your DK 101 segment. I think a lot of people are fumbling through using what “feels” effective.

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