An Exercise in UI Dependency

With the tacked on extra maintenance underway, I found myself perusing through my reader, and stumbled upon a neat little heated debate regarding UI usage between Matticus, Vonya, Aurik, and just about everyone under the Northrend sun (Grizzly Hills, at the very least).  Fortunately, having levelled Leyola all the way up to 80 as a healy tree, I was able to connect with the intentions behind their post.  Why do I mention this at all?  Simply because I find it ironic that the new patch has come, and addons and UI will become the immediate concerns as soon as I log in.

So ladies and gentlemen, start downloading those new addons ahead of time!  But where to begin?

After the break: logistics, confessions.

Here’s my thought process coming into tonight.

When I log in, I want to start pugging raids or heroics or whatever is available at the time.  I want to play without any inconveniences whatsoever.  Any additional addons can be updated as I go along.  I only need to prepare for what is needed today.  Thus, I will go through each of the addons that I use (or at least remember), rank them according to urgency, and make my decision to download specific ones based on available timeframe.

Of course, having mentioned this now, I have time to download everything, but suppose that I’m in a hardcore raiding guild, and my

Addon Name: X-Perl
Function: general UI
Urgency Rating : 4/5

If I were given the choice of selecting only ONE addon to bring with me to a new patch, it would be X-perl.  For me, it’s mostly about aesthetics, and being able to have a raid frame display available.  Healing addon or not, I am not going to waste the raid’s time dragging out each individual frame from the default UI.  It’s faster going this route.  DOWNLOADED.

Addon Name: Decursive
Function: one-click debuff dispelling
Urgency: 2/5

The first time I used Decursive in a serious raid situation was Maexxna in Naxx-10.  Assigned to both raid heals and poison curing, Leyola had a few problems keeping track of both the raid and the MT for a simple reason: Decursive doesn’t switch target frames.

Instinctively assuming that it did, she would set up a routine where she would one-click dispel, then roll some more HoTs, immediately switching her attention back to the raid.  Since Decursive didn’t switch the target frame to the tank, she would accidentally roll HoTs on whoever her curent target was.

Bam.  Sudden revelation to readers: Leyola doesn’t use any one-click healing addons.  She pounds the keys, doing the 11123 dance like most DPS’ers out there.  (In this case, 1=Lifebloom, 2=Rejuv, 3=Wild Growth).  Personally, this is a personal gameplay preference, stemming from my obsession with button mashing with Bashertin.  If I wanted to live without decurse, I’ll just put some form of remove curse/poison macro on the Action Bar and continue my merry way.  Moving on.

Addon Name: Auctioneer
Function: Auction House, Item Pricing
Urgency: 0/5

This week in particular would have warranted at least a 2, since I know that I have expired items coming through the mail when I log on.  It’s convenient for sure, but not necessary for tonight’s plans.  I can always do it tomorrow.  Or next month.  Or whenever I need money.

Addon Name: Deadly Bossmods
Function: Raiding interface
Urgency: 2/5

Once X-perl is loaded, this would be next.  It’s quite useful for timing phases, but as a healer or DPS, I’m not responsible for anchoring the coordination.  Yes, it’s bad to follow other people due to lag or whatnot, but the bosses of interest (Archavon, Sartharion, some Naxx bosses) come with their own warnings that give you ample time to prepare your next move.

In fact, another confession: I haven’t updated my DBM since I downloaded Wrath.  Perhaps when Wimzig is ready to tank, I’ll be more serious about it.

Addon Name: Gatherer
Function: Mining/Herbalism spots
Urgency: 0/5

Actually, I think I’m actually just about ready to dump this addon altogether.  Leyola has her hearth set in Sholazar, and practically has her own “route” traced out for gathering purposes anyways, so they’re no longer needed.

Addon name: Carbonite Quest
Function: Minimap, Quest assistance
Urgency: 2/5

Another confession: I’m currently levelling a Shaman alt.  I needed a breather from all my recent guild drama, so I started levelling a Shaman with those heirlooms shoulders that grant additional EXP.  They’re a godsend, and make levelling so much more enjoyable.  If by any chance, Bash or Ley are unable to find groups to pug with, I’ll be going straight for Shaymin, the Enhancement Shaman.  And that means I need a questing addon of some sort.

Addon Name: Omen
Function: Threat Meter
Urgency: 0/5

Maybe if Bashertin could actually do some real DPS, then he could worry about threat.  While still on a humerous note, there’s always the pleasure of Ice Blocking the add onto the Warlock next to me.  As broken as you guys are, I still need to keep up my healthy rivalry with my caster nemeses.


I’m sure there are a bunch of addons that I don’t even remember using at all.  These are just the ones on the top of my head.  The rest I can live without, and until the time actually comes that I could use them, then I’ll do so.


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