This Rant is a Thinly Veiled Act of Grief

Stopped for a moment in Ironforge, right in front of the bank.  Apparently, mages who stand still in front of large crowds means “I’m open for port business!”

[Someguy]: Can I get a port pls?
To [Someguy]: A bit busy atm, so 6g.
[Someguy]: Bullshit.  You’re just standing there.

Strike one.

After the break: rudeness, advice, loss

To [Someguy]: I’m actually in the middle of a few things at once.  Otherwise I’d charge slightly less.
[Someguy]: You’re a cheap ass you know?

Strike two.

To [Someguy]: 5g is standard in this realm.  Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you’re the cheap one for not wanting to spend 5g?
[Someguy]: So what? You don’t think that 90s for reagents is good enough?  You’re a terrible mage.  I’m going to look for someone else.

I’m not giving him strike three, at least not until he continues arguing with me, wasting time that could have been spent looking for another mage.

To [Someguy]: Who the hell are you to say that I’m terrible?  Mages need to make money too, you know?  You don’t even know me!
[Someguy]: You mages are so greedy, it’s hilarious.

Okay, I’ll give him strike three here.

To [Someguy]: Good luck finding a mage to port you with that attitude of yours.
Someguy is now being ignored.

A straightforward tip to all non-mages: when you ask for a portal, be polite.  There are a few reasons for this:

  • The mage is more likely to respond, rather than ignore you completely.  (Duh!)
  • Even if you feel that he’s charging a bit much for your taste, you’re more likely able to reason with him or her, and negotiate a deal.
  • You don’t look like a complete ass and get called out on the mage’s blog.


Furthermore, when a mage charges a certain amount of money for his services, there are a multitude of reasons, not limited to the following:

  1. The mage is just doing business.  He doesn’t care if you accept his deal or not.
  2. The mage is busy.  If he’s highly in demand, he’ll want incentive to stop whatever it is that he’s currently doing.  Especially if he’s in the middle of an officer’s meeting moments before a guild disband.
  3. The mage needs money.  Since said guild is about to break up, he needs a nest egg for his repairs for all the PuG raids he’s about to embark upon, most of which will end up in wipefests and complete wastes of his time.  Without a guild, he no longer has a guild tab to help mitigate expenses caused not only by repair costs due to inevitable pug failures, but also for spending his ENTIRE savings into gearing up a druid healer alt that he had spent a great deal of time to level up, and was prepared to switch mains on, but will no longer be of use to that guild, and thus wasting time potentially spent on gearing the favored mage instead.


In short, do realize that you don’t know who the hell this mage is, or what the hell he’s going through at any given moment.  Kindness does go a long way, and it leaves an impression on the player when he logs out from a night of general stress.


13 thoughts on “This Rant is a Thinly Veiled Act of Grief

  1. WP makes it so much easier to comment on my own posts than to edit the post itself, so I must say this: I heartily lol’ed when I saw the automatically generated “related posts” at the end of my little rant.

    Frankly, I don’t know how breastfeeding is related to all this, but it surely made my weekend, lmao!

  2. Hee hee I think you’re much nicer than I am, or meaner, I can’t decide. At any rate, I’m more passive aggressive. Swear at me and he doesn’t get ignored, but he won’t get his port and our conversation ceases, too 😉

    Especially when he’s asking for a favor like that hee hee 🙂

    I found your blog through another one of the blogs it looks like we both read 🙂 Great to meet you!

    WoWGrrl’s Player blog

  3. @xlade:

    from the best of my recollection, my gnome does not have breasts. we’ll just have to look the other way on this humorous mishap.


    likewise. enjoy your stay here, hope to see ya again!

  4. Best thing to do is invite him, take whatever piddly tip he’s giving and port him as far from the city he wants to go to as possible. People rarely check where the portal is going anyway.

  5. Krizzlybear, from the bottom of my heart, I want you to know anytime you’d like to come over to Kael’thas aliiance side, you will find a welcome home among the Sidhe Devils.

    We may not have evern started raiding 10 mans yet (this week will be our firsts), but at least you know that we will welcome you with open arms.

  6. @houldlum:

    you know, i actually did that by accident on one of my guild’s heroic runs. i was supposed to do a routine dala port, but i wanted to go to ironforge for some reason. lo and behold, everyone went to IF by mistake, and they started jokingly yelling at me on vent. ah, those were the days.


    good to know. there are a bunch of options that i’m considering, but i’ll keep k’t in mind. thank you very much for the offer.

  7. I’ve been lucky so far on my infrequently played mage. I never ask for money (unless they’re offered) but most people pay 2-5 gold per portal, so I’m happy and they’re happy.

    Offtopic, FYI, if you read this blog in an RSS reader (I do), the white bits are white on white, so invisible. Annoying.

  8. 5g is standard I think. I can happily ignore replies that don’t like that fact. I really miss Dalaran being hard to get to, I used to charge 50g a port to that place. Like you mentioned in your blog, either they pay it or they don’t and it’s no skin off my nose whichever option they choose. 🙂

    Oh and @ Houldlum: my personal favourite was back in the days of old, when ZG was considered ‘end-game’ and flight paths didn’t auto-connect between destinations. Warlocks begin to summon in the slackers and I ‘accidentally’ put up a portal to Darnasus, about as far away as you can get. The amount of people clicking it was always guaranteed to maximise rage from the raid leader and chortling amongst the other mages present! Good times…:D

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  10. The more precious moments are when you put up a port for someone in raid, to go respec or what not, and watching how many people accidentally take the port thinking you’re summoning a mage table.

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