There comes a time in a person’s life when major phases begin to shift into something new. Whether the change is radically different, or just an improvement on a good thing, it is something that people cannot change, and we just have to deal with it.

For me, there are three main things in my life right now. First is real life, second is WoW, and third is the blog. Hilariously enough, all three are going through transitional periods at the same time at this very moment. And for some reason, I am quite happy to accept and cope.

After the break: real life, WoW, and an awesome announcement!

In real life, I’m starting school again, albeit only one course for the entire second semster. It’s another year of grinding out the study hours and simply finishing what I set to complete in the first place. As much as I wanted to finish this certain course last year and simply graduate, limitations have prevented me from doing so, and as such, I have to plan my study time around WoW and the blog.

In WoW, I’m starting to phase back and forth between the three characters. Bashertin is my main, and always will be. Leyola is the lovely druid healer, and ever since she hit eighty, she’s been in more demand from my guild than the mage. Wimzig is steadily trotting along through Northrend, taking names and axing out his rage against Arthas. All three are now equally important to me, despite loving the frost mage more than the others. They all have their own professions, and contribute to the overall cash flow.

The guild is also changing, and perhaps it may be for the worse. The recent hemorrhage of members has demoralized its members, and it has not only limited the raiding time of its contributors, but also limited progression as well. There’s not much that I can do to help except continue what I’m doing to help provide services to the guild in the form of enchants, bags, gems, glyphs, and a character of each role to run instances and/or heroics with.

The blog is surprisingly changing as well, perhaps in the most drastic way imaginable. I’ve recently decided to switch to wordpress, but haven’t made the full transition yet. I’m still setting up pages, blogrolls, RSS feeds, and other administrative things to get the main thing going, but it won’t be until later that activity and content on this blog will be completely transfered to WP. I like the personal and intimate feel of blogger, as it fits well with plenty of sites like the Pink Pigtail Inn and the Greedy Goblin.

However, I want a bit more customizability with the blog, and am grossly intrigued by all the WoW-related widgets that have been develloped since I started blogging. I certainly don’t want to be as Cosmo as World of Matticus, but I would like to a more straightforward presentation with accessible features, like criticalQQ or Gnomeageddon. I suppose this is partly due to DK101, as well as other regular features on FitNB. Since I’m too lazy to organize them here on blogger, I might as well just start anew on wordpress.

Funny how all of this has come within the new year. I suppose it is only customary to make a somewhat late resolution to be able to handle these transitions with the utmost care, and to not only enjoy the ride, but to marvel as the scenery as it goes by.

Again, wordpress will come later, and all the announcements will be made by then. But for now, I hope you continue to enjoy your time here at blogspot.


2 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Woah! Congratz on all of the changes. They will all work out in time.

    I have thought of changing over to wordpress many of times, but it is alot of work.

    I’m not going to lie…im jealous =P

  2. Argh, don’t be! It is a lot of work.

    The change over to wordpress wasn’t as rough, since WP has a neat import feature that lets you transfer over your entire blog from blogger. The things I had to organize myself was completely overhauling the category system, and adding the pages I want.

    All in all, thanks for the feedback =)

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