Friday Five – Keeping Up Appearances

The theme for F5 this week over at Too Many Annas is about appearances. Due to my current ailment, I’ll limit the response to just one character. And in celebration of the big healy christmas tree reaching her 75th season, this week’s installment will feature Leyola Swiftwillow.

Describe your characters general appearance – is it exactly what you see in the avatar?

Leyola is somewhat typical for a Night Elf with regards to general appearance, except somewhat lankier for her height. She’s quite tall, pale purple-grey skin, and wavy silver-white hair, which, at moderate length, she’ll style according to the needs of her helm.

What are their opinions on baths/showers/etc?

Taken whenever available, but her journeys limit herself to doing so at night, at a nearby lake, where nobody can see. For hot, relaxing baths, she prefers natural springs rather than man-made devices.

Do they fuss about their looks (and if female, wear makeup)?

Spending most of her time in the Tree-of-Life form, she has no qualms about her looks, since there’s no saving the ugliness of barked skin. Outside of her druidic duties, she’s too exhasted to bother with her appearance. Besides, it’s not like anybody’s looking anyways.

If they could pick an outfit out of an infinite closet, what would it look like?

She doesn’t care much about clothes outside of her healing form, but if she could pick any tree in the entire world of Azeroth to shift into, she would probably want to be one of those beautiful tall oaks in Grizzly Hills. Simply remarkable, in her opinion.

For the guys – boxers, briefs, or commando trousers? For the girls – bikinis, thongs, or boyshorts?

She wears a thong underneath all that armor, for comfort. But that doesn’t mean she’ll be dancing on top of Stormwind mailboxes anytime soon.


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