An Open Letter of Apology to Hunters Everywhere

Dear Hunters of Azeroth,

Please let me get this off my chest. As a mage, I grew very envious of hunters as a class after the expansion hit. I was squeezing every last cooldown available, and the hunter in my heroic pug always pulled away on the dps charts. All this time, I had thought it was a gear issue, but having run with a guildie of mine who had JUST turned 80, and barely passing me (who has been quietly acquiring gear over the past few weeks). With comparable cc skills and MQoSRDPS, I truly felt threatened to be replaced in PuGs and raids. For my envy, I apologize.

And it wasn’t just single-target dps. Volley was starting to irk me some. Just when I thought that the addition of crit to blizzard would make us awesome at AoE again, the hunter came along with his removed cooldown and raining absolute death on the multi-mob pull. No, it wasn’t the fact that the ability was instant-cast, only cost seventeen percent of base mana compared to our fifty million, and allowed hunters to continue pewpewing while the spell took effect. Rather, it was the tendency to lean on this spell on every pull that involved more than two mobs and an adequately skilled AoE tank. I thought, what were these guys trying to do? Become mages? For thinking that my class was getting quietly usurped, I am sorry.

Last but not least, your pet was doing some fierce damage. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted my Water Elemental to simply stay by my side forever as a combat pet. Quite aware that this line of thinking was stepping on the toes of the uniqueness of pet classes such as Hunters and especially warlocks, I still thought that they wouldn’t mind the fixture, especially since it would help with Frost Mage DPS quite well. But when I see the BM hunter come along with his ferocity pet, I knew that Squirtle was not going to cut it this run. For even considering thinking twice about my water elemental, I have let myself down, and I apologize for putting even the tiniest shrivel of a percent of blame on your class.

I’m sorry for the envy. And the xenophobia. And the Pet-class blasphemy.

But seriously, it didn’t have to end up this way.

I die a little each time now, thinking that my thoughts and actions have led to this decision/proposition put forth by Ghostcrawler and the Blizzard Devellopment team. The nerfs to single-target, multi-target, and pet-based DPS are simply staggering, and I just hate to see all of it adjusted at once.

To me, it’s like putting the damage tax back onto Frostbolt.

To me, it’s like removing critical hits from Blizzard.

To me, it’s like removing Summon Water Elemental off of Cold Snap.

That third one hit home, and it hit hard. And if I were any more sensitive than I already am, I probably would have broken down to unthinkable levels of emo.

So hunters, In spite of my subtle and hidden, well, spite, for your class performance, I wish to start things over again. Unlike the Retribution Paladin Nerfs, this was one that hit a class more related to mine. Pure, unadulterated DPS, taken away, with no option to respec into a different role without having to reroll another class.

That’s not how it should be, even though the intent was justified. I wish to turn over a new leaf with regards to my perception of hunters. No more anger against huntards, since a large number of them rerolled Death Knights anyways. No more envy, since we’re on closer footing with regards to our DPS.

I shall work even harder now to compete with you. But if you ever need anything, just ask. I’ve got some strudels that will keep your Gorilladin happy for quite a while. It even has the swirly icing on top, shaped like a thunderstomp.

Thanks much,



6 thoughts on “An Open Letter of Apology to Hunters Everywhere

  1. I totally agree. Don’t forget that with the new “Aspect of the Get All Your Mana Back Cobra”, they are dps machines.
    I’ve noticed this trend for a while now. The reason I rolled a mage was to do damage. I give up having a lot of health, armor, a permanent pet, fears, melee dmg etc, all in the desire to DPS. Blizzard loves hybrid classes and pet classes. Call me a purist, but the only thing mages can do is DPS. A paladin can tank, dps or heal. A warrior can tank or dps. A priest can heal or dps, etc. Rogues and Mages, imo, should be hands down the highest single or multiple target dmg in the game. Rogues should be best on one target, mages best on AoE. But its not the case. So what do we get to make up for this? I’m not saying that an unskilled mage should beat the best hunters. All gear and skill being equal, Mages and Rogues should be the highest dps for their roles. It sickens me. Not only am I up against winning rolls in heroics and raids, trying to get a group (which despite the ease of tanking now seems harder and harder), but now the very class mechanics of the game are up against us. Volley with no cooldown AND the ability to keep shooting and keep the pet going is INSANE. I hope the nerf sticks hits them, and hits them hard.
    Now I *have* to beat the hunter in my guild, who was the top dps’er in BC. But all things being equal, I’m not sure if that is possible. And now, huntards with crap gear will probably out damage well geared mages.

    Sorry for all the negativity this morning. Its just frustrating.

  2. Completely with you on this one. I used to play a hunter so I understand the class, at least before the recent work over. I love playing my mage, I love face melting crit streaks… but I simply can’t compete with hunters now.

    I mean my gear isn’t the best, but when you’re doing gear run Heroics everyone is basically equal. My rotation is spot on, I’m popping my cooldowns, even drinking some haste potions I had… yet I’m still getting out DPS’d by two hunters I regularly run with by 400-700 dps at times.

    Also, volley really does annoy me… it’s like “hey, this is a group pull, back off my kool-aid”

  3. Apology accepted, Krizzly. But I’d also like to offer an apology that some of us may have gotten carried away in using every single ability we have in damage dealing. After a whole expansion of hunter play being neglected by the developers, many of us were eager and giddy in playing with new toys. Suddenly, it becomes something the developers could not handle and had to take away from us.

    Forever thankful for the biscuits, pies, and strudels,

  4. I have nothing but spite for 90% of hunters, they are literally useless. I have hunters and the reason I never play them is they are just too easy. Even a warlock who admittedly comes fairly close has to choose overall DPS or efficiency.

    Most players rolled hunter to play the game on easy mode (and then rolled death knights, but thats a different matter entirely). Sorry, how you do it is just as important if not more than what’s done. The only thing more satisfying than blizzard gridinng is Holy shield grinding (my personal opinion), I personally hope hunters get nerfed into the ground, but thats just me.

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