Hit-Capped, and Ready for Naxx!

Neat little story about how I managed to get the last piece of gear to reach the oh-so-elusive hit cap.

I flew to Wyrmrest Temple (am I the only one who initially read the faction as Wyrmnest?) after crafting my ebonweave. Having hit honored a few nights ago during a heroic Violet Hold run (my second favorite instance in LK), I visited the quartermaster on the top floor to grab my sash, assuming that it would bring me to the hit cap.

No dice. After equipping it, both my hit rating and spellpower went down instead. What? Was there soemthing I was missing? I checked my bag again for the item that I had replaced with the sash. It was a badge reward. *dumb dumb dumb*

Waste of a few pieces of gold. Penny-pincher that I am, I looked around for a quest that I could do to reimburse me the gold spent on getting that inferior rep reward. I checked the radar for “!”, and it was Chromie who was in need of my assistance.

“Do you remember that time when you defended the infinite hourglass with your future self?” She asked. “Well, he’s now your past self, and you gotta help him out!”

Well, off I went! At the bronze dragonshrine, I laid out the houglass, and lo and behold, Past Basertin was there.

If I recall, the last time I did this quest, Future Bashertin was a dagger wielding maniac. I was rather amused, so I joined in on the shennanigans, since he was doing quite a bit of damage by himself.

This time around, it was pretty much the same thing. He daggered. I daggered. Laughs were had. Insults were hurled.

Past you whispers: This equipment looks cool and all, but couldn’t we have done a little better? Are you even raiding?

After completing the quest, I can finally say “Yes. Now I can!” The quest reward was an awesome trinket that brought me up to the hit cap. Thank you, Rune of Infinite Power! Time to add you to the Hit gear post. Once the servers are back up, I’m gonna pug it out and check out this so-called Naxxramas. Those Scourge won’t even know what hit em!


2 thoughts on “Hit-Capped, and Ready for Naxx!

  1. Past me better not ask future me if I’m raiding. Future me would smack past me into next week. . .well maybe not because that could cause a paradox with 2 present mes in the same place. . .

  2. As a shadow priest in TBC who has changed to Discipline healing for WOLK all i can say is.

    GOODBYE HIT RATING hahahahahaha.

    Cannot say im gonna miss it either.

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